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The Government Moves Quickly to Handle Air Pollution


The Indonesian government , which is directly led by President Jokowi, is also supported by the local provincial government and the ministries under its ranks, immediately moving very quickly to be able to deal with problems regarding air pollution in the DKI Jakarta area. Of course, this deserves great appreciation, even foreign media has highlighted the strict policies implemented by the government.

Knowing how the level of pollution is, especially in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (DKI) Jakarta, which is getting worse day by day, all steps, strategies and direct efforts are being carried out quickly by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to be able to find a solution to this problem.

It is known that the government plans to immediately tighten the rules for vehicle emission tests. With the tightening of these rules, then of course later it will be increasingly able to encourage the implementation of emission test raids for motorized vehicle compliance, especially in areas around DKI Jakarta.

So that later when the emission test raid has been implemented, if indeed there are vehicles that are proven not to have passed the test, then these vehicles may not or are prohibited from passing in the Jabodetabek area (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang to Bekasi). Not only are they not allowed to pass, but the vehicle also cannot extend the Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK).

Of course, the very strict steps and policies taken by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in order to be able to directly suppress vehicle emissions and reduce the level of pollution or air pollution are things that deserve extraordinary appreciation.

It’s not half-hearted, there are even foreign media who also highlight how the breakthrough made by the Government of Indonesia was in order to reduce the number of air pollution in DKI Jakarta . One of these foreign media, namely Reuters, explained that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is very firm in telling drivers to be able to undergo emission tests amid the worsening air quality there.

The government’s step in checking or conducting emission test raids is to carry out random checks on vehicles, so that later if there are vehicles that are proven not to comply with the provisions, fines and even license revocation will be imposed for violators who have repeatedly made the same mistake.

It was not only how the implementation of the rules for very strict emission tests was enforced by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi), which then succeeded in attracting the attention of foreign media to highlight it . But it also includes how the new regulations in the context of efforts to reduce air pollution in DKI Jakarta are also highlighted.

In this new regulation, President Jokowi has indeed advised companies to apply hybrid work and also urged weather modifications to be carried out in the Greater Jakarta area. The reason is, if the weather continues to be dry, it will also contribute to increasing air pollution.

Therefore, the Head of State then had the idea to modify the weather which included certain techniques such as cloud seeding , which is usually used in Indonesia during the dry season by involving shooting salt spray into the clouds to trigger rainfall. .

Another step taken is to consider policies in the form of requiring cars with an engine capacity of 2,400 cc and above to use 98 octane fuel and also the existence of a policy that requires each of these vehicles to carry at least 4 (four) people.

Several other steps have also become ideas, including by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) to consider ordering up to half of civil servants or State Civil Apparatus (ASN) to return to work from home or do work from home (WFH). .

It is proof of President Jokowi’s firm leadership, that after holding a limited meeting ( ratas ) with the Head of State on Monday, August 14 2023, a number of ministries immediately moved quickly and had a very strong commitment to participate in dealing with air pollution.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy ( Menparekraf RI), Sandiaga Slahuddin Uno admitted that indeed some of the main things that make the phenomenon of air pollution stronger in DKI Jakarta are due to transportation, industry and weather problems. Therefore, his party immediately committed to launching fast motion to be able to handle everything, namely by increasing green open spaces and converting or moving industries that previously did not use environmentally friendly energy.

Huge appreciation should be given to the Government of Indonesia, President Jokowi and all of his staff for moving quickly to find a solution as soon as possible for handling the problem of air pollution which is becoming more and more apprehensive in DKI Jakarta with many steps and strategies.

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