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The Government’s Commitment to Building Prosperity in the Papua New Guinea


By : Timothy Gobay )*

The government is fully committed to building prosperity in 4 new autonomous regions (DOBs) in Papua. One of the objectives of adding new autonomous regions is to strengthen the people’s economy. With the increase in the new autonomous regions, the APBD funds also increase so that they can be used for the benefit of the people of Papua.

The Papuan people’s request was fulfilled when the government inaugurated 4 new autonomous regions. Papua Island which covers more than 400,000 km2 is too big if it only has 2 provinces (Papua and West Papua). Therefore it is necessary to expand the area so that the community is more prosperous, because the management is easier (thanks to the close proximity to the provincial government offices).

On November 11 2022, 4 new provinces have been established in Papua. Acting governors have also been appointed, namely Rebekah Haluk as acting Governor of Central Papua, Apolo Sapanfo as acting Governor in South Papua, and Nikolaus K as acting in the Central Highlands Papua Province.

The addition of new autonomous regions was made for the sake of the people of Papua. Deputy President (Wapres) KH Ma’ruf Amin said the government had a strong commitment to building prosperity in Papua through the Special Autonomy Fund (special autonomy).

The Vice President added that the government had formed BP3OKP (Driving Agency for the Acceleration of the Development of the Special Autonomous Region of Papua). With the existence of this BP3OKP, it will be directed to carry out supervision in the field. Then a Master Plan for the Acceleration of the Development of the Special Autonomous Region of Papua (RIPPOKP) was formed. These are all in the form of suggestions from below in the process of compiling what kind of development program.

In a sense, the government is very total in developing Papua through the addition of new autonomous regions. With the addition of new provinces, people’s welfare will increase. When there is a new province, new infrastructure will also be built, so that people’s lives will be better, as well as their finances. Therefore, all indigenous Papuan people, whether living there or on other islands, fully support the expansion of the territory.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian stated that the formation of 4 new autonomous regions in Papua was to accelerate development there. It can also improve people’s welfare. In a sense, when there is a new province, development will be accelerated. The reason is because there is additional APBN funds from the central government.

Logically, so far Papua has only had 2 provinces, and APBN funds from both have been turned into infrastructure and facilities for all the people of Cendrawasih. But when there are 5 provinces because there are new new autonomous regions, the amount of APBN funds increases. Automatically the construction will increase because the funds increase.

Development in Papua really needs to be increased so that it is evenly distributed. So, not only big cities like Jayapura or Merauke have good infrastructure. But also other areas such as Nabire, Yahukimo, etc. Equitable development is needed so that the community can progress.

The development needed by the community is not only in the form of roads and bridges, but also school buildings. If there is a new province, new school buildings will be built, starting from kindergarten to high school. Papuan children can go to school there and do not have to go to another city because there is no high school in their area.

To pay their tuition fees, they can apply for a special autonomy scholarship (otsus). With this scholarship, you don’t have to think about school fees anymore. Scholarships are also available for Papuan children who wish to study, both in Papua and Java, and even abroad.

With the construction of schools plus scholarships, Papuans will be more advanced because their mindset has changed and they have become more positive and modern. Those with high diplomas can easily get jobs. Or, they can also start a business and become entrepreneurs who have high income. His standard of living will increase.

Meanwhile, Mathius Awoitauw, Regent of Jayapura, stated that the addition of a new autonomous region would accelerate prosperity in Papua and West Papua. The new autonomous region will solve problems in Papua and bring public services closer, as well as overcome geographic problems. No matter how much special autonomy funds (otsus) are given, they will not be enough if there are geographical obstacles.

Papua’s geographical condition is indeed very different from Java or Sumatra. In Papua it is more unique because there is a combination of plains, hills, forests and mountains. Therefore, infrastructure development is needed, especially roads and airports. The goal is to facilitate the mobility of people on Cendrawasih Earth.

Later, if there is a new province, there will automatically be massive development. First of course there is the governor’s office and followed by supporting offices. In addition there will be roads and other infrastructure. The funds are obtained from the APBD budget, and the people need not worry because if there is a new province, there will be greater funding from the central government.

The government is fully committed to building prosperity in Papua by adding 4 new autonomous regions. With the new province, there will be a new budget from the center, which can be used for the Papuan community empowerment program. Residents on Earth Cendrawasih will be more prosperous.

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