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The Momentum of the 2024 Election Shows that Indonesia’s Democratic Climate Remains Conducive


General elections (Pemilu) will be held in 2024 and must be prepared from now so that later it will run well. Elections are very important to show that Indonesia’s democratic climate remains conducive. Democracy in this country runs well and there is no friction among the people.

The 2023 elections are eagerly awaited because people are curious, who will replace President Jokowi? They are also determined to succeed in the election by collaborating to create peaceful elections. The 2024 election must take place successfully, peacefully, without any divisions in society.

Indonesia adheres to the principles of democracy and during elections it must really be guarded. Politician Arwani Thomafi asked all parties to set a good example to the public, including showing the international community the quality of Indonesian democracy in the implementation of the 2024 elections.

In a sense, the 2024 Election must maintain its democracy. Nowadays democracy means a form of government in which all citizens have the same right to make decisions that can change their lives. This means that every Indonesian citizen has the right to vote during the General Election.

When elections take place, democracy is carried out by carrying out LUBER – JURDIL, direct, general, free, secret, honest and fair. The people maintain democracy by voting during general elections, are free to choose which presidential candidate they like, and maintain justice.

However, freedom is almost interpreted as being sidetracked, when people are free to choose the candidate they like but force their family and friends to vote for that figure as well. Even though coercion like this is prohibited because it will erase the democratic system during elections. There should be no coercion at all, even if that person’s position is the leader/boss of the company.

Then, freedom also should not be interpreted as indulging in the vices of presidential candidates or other candidates during the campaign. Black campaigns like this are very widespread, especially on social media. Being free does not mean breaking existing rules and norms, because badmouthing other people means breaking the rules during elections.

The party carrying out the black campaign has the potential to be exposed to Article 28 paragraph 2 of the ITE Law, because he wrote negative status / harsh words on social media. The sentence is 6 years in prison. Apart from that, he can also be charged with Article 86 paragraph 1 letter (d) of the Election Law and the sentence is 2 years in prison.

People must maintain democracy during elections by avoiding black campaigns and hate speech on social media. They must be aware that democracy means there is justice in Indonesia, and no party should badmouth other parties for being dishonorable.

In a democratic country, people are free to choose the presidential candidate they like, and should not be forced. Democracy makes difference allowed, including differences in political choices. Indonesia is not a country that adheres to Marxism, but a democracy, and all of its citizens must protect it.

Politician Arwani Thomafi continued, the public must also show the international world that Indonesia can practice a beautiful democracy, a happy democracy. Hopefully no action can reduce the quality of democracy. The reason is because each election participant has their own history.

In a sense, even though a politician who participates in elections has their own history, they cannot be used as material to attack them. For example, when politician A was once rumored to have bad habits. Even though it was only slander that was exhaled by their political opponents, and the public is expected not to be consumed by hoaxes and maintain democracy during elections.

Meanwhile, political observer Mahfuz Sidik believes that the 2024 election is a very important transitional election for all of us as a nation. It is hoped that the bitter experience of such a wide and deep cleavage in 2019 will not happen again.

If you reflect on the 2014 and 2019 elections, hostilities took place in cyberspace and the situation was so hot that there were bad nicknames from each of the presidential candidate supporting camps at that time. Don’t let this happen again because people should be adults and leave hostilities. Elections must uphold peace in Indonesia.

Hostilities must be abolished because they can be used by provocateurs and individuals who want to take advantage of adversity. Do not let there be social chaos because of their actions. Therefore, the community must play a major role in creating peaceful elections, so that there are no riots that lead to brawls and can result in casualties.

In order to make the 2024 election successful, the commitment of various parties is needed because the KPU cannot work alone. It needs support from the community, ministries and security forces so that the elections run smoothly and peacefully. Democracy must be maintained so that elections remain honest and fair.

The 2024 election must run peacefully, fairly and democratically. When democracy is upheld, every citizen of the country is free to choose which presidential or legislative candidate he likes, and there should be no coercion. Indonesia is a democratic country and people are expected to understand this, and avoid friction between groups that could threaten the success of the election.

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