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The Number of Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients Continues to Increase


By: Made Raditya )*

National vaccination is the focus of the government in 2021 and as of this November the number of people receiving it has reached more than 85 million people. With this increase in vaccination, it is hoped that Indonesia will quickly get out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Have you been vaccinated? Nowadays almost everyone gets this question, because Corona vaccination is an obligation. During a pandemic, refusing to vaccinate is tantamount to choosing a path to meet the Covid-19 virus, which is not necessarily safe (the worst possibility is death). So that vaccination is something that must be done in order to get through this bad period safely and healthily.

The national vaccination program started in March 2021 and President Jokowi himself was the first to be injected, to show that this injection has no side effects. Now after 8 months, more and more people have been vaccinated. Data from the Covid-19 Task Force Team shows that more than 85 million Indonesian citizens have been injected with the vaccine twice. Meanwhile, more than 131 million people have been injected once.

The number of Indonesian citizens who have been vaccinated makes their hearts relieved, because the national vaccination program is considered successful. If more and more people get the vaccine, it is predicted that the Ministry of Health’s target will be achieved, which is a maximum of 12 months. Vaccination is indeed being pursued so that it can be completed quickly so that herd immunity is quickly formed and the status of the pandemic is considered complete.

If many Indonesian citizens have been fully vaccinated (almost half of the total population of Indonesia), it shows their order in implementing government programs. When many want to be injected, they should be commended for doing it with pleasure.

The number of people who want to be vaccinated shows that they want to obey the rules, not just afraid that without the vaccine they can’t go anywhere. Indeed, there was a regulation for taking certain types of public transportation to show a vaccine card, but it was finally revised because it only needed an antigen test. But vaccination is an awareness, not because you have to do it when you are going to travel.

People trust the government more and want to be vaccinated, firstly because this program is 100% free. Compare with Singapore or other countries that have to pay and the cost is quite expensive. So this golden opportunity should not be wasted.

 Second, they do not believe in the hoax circulating on social media, which says that this vaccine is dangerous. The reason is because many have been vaccinated and are in good condition. The vaccine is also halal by MUI so that people feel safe.

Appreciation should be given to the government for moving quickly in the success of the national vaccination program. When there is a Corona vaccine, the government immediately orders it so it will not run out of stock. Orders must be made quickly because production is still somewhat limited, so it’s a bit of a struggle with other countries when it’s just a little late.

In addition, the government also prioritizes vaccination of health workers, because it is doctors, nurses, and volunteers who are fighting on the front lines to fight Corona and have a high risk. After health workers, it is the turn of teachers and other public sector workers, who come into contact with many people and need protection from Corona.

The number of Indonesian citizens who have been vaccinated makes us relieved because group immunity will quickly be achieved, so that the pandemic period will soon end. Vaccination is free, halal, and safe, so there is no reason to refuse it. Indonesian people are already aware of the benefits of vaccination, so they want to be injected voluntarily.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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