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The people of Bone Sulsel are optimistic that Ganjar’s victory in the 2024 presidential election will make Indonesia prosperous


SOUTH SULAWESI — People in Bone Regency, South Sulawesi Province are optimistic that Ganjar Pranowo’s victory in the 2024 presidential election will be able to prosper the Indonesian people.

Representative of the Passeddingeng Movement of the Bone Supporting Ganjar Community, Aswar Hamid, admitted that the event he carried out with various competitions participated in by the community to welcome the 78th Indonesian Independence Day was to socialize the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate.

According to him , the people there also really hope that this white-haired leader can be elected in the presidential election so that he is not able to bring Indonesia to be more advanced and prosperous.

“We hope that this event can boost and socialize Pak Ganjar Pranowo as President in 2024,” he said.

“The people hope that when he is elected as president in 2024, Indonesia can be even more advanced, even more prosperous,” added Aswar.

He also considered that the public’s enthusiasm was very high, which also showed the amount of support for the figure of Ganjar Pranowo.

“I see that the people here are very enthusiastic, especially with the event being held by volunteers from Ganjar Pranowo,” said Aswar.

“I think that for support, thank God, it supports the 2024 President,” he explained.

A resident of Bone named Ayu (34) admitted that she was very impressed with the 54-year-old leader and considered her to be the most appropriate figure to become the next President of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Mr. Ganjar is very good and competent in building his community to be better, progress, to become president in 2024,” said Ayu.

Real evidence of how Ganjar Pranowo’s experience and capabilities, especially in improving people’s welfare, is how successful he is in overcoming poverty in Central Java.

His step in overcoming poverty is to increase the value of assistance for as many as 12,764 poor people who own the Prosperous Central Java Card (KJS).

Previously, beneficiaries received assistance of Rp. 3 million per year and it could be disbursed once every three months with a single withdrawal of up to Rp. 750,000 or Rp. 250,000 per month.

However, now this assistance has been increased to Rp. 4.4 million per year or around Rp. 370 thousand per month.

It’s not enough to get there, but Ganjar Pranowo also has all the steps to be able to continue to prosper the tobacco farmers by encouraging factories to prioritize buying local tobacco farmers.

“I have met with the two largest cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia, and asked them to buy tobacco from farmers,” said Ganjar.

Not only to factories, but he also asked the Ministry to limit tobacco import activities and prefer to source from local farmers.

“I conveyed this to the ministry, because there used to be imports too, please prioritize those owned by farmers,” the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate appealed.

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