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The Press Plays a Role in Realizing Peaceful Elections


Jakarta — The mass media or the press have a very important role in being able to contribute to the creation of a democratic General Election (Election) party in 2024 in full peace.

Member of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu RI), Totok Hariyono, even compared the press to a lantern.

“Press people at this time can be likened to a lantern,” he said.

How could it not be, because he considered that the press was able to provide enlightenment to the public regarding the news that was circulating.

“They (the press) are the party that enlightens the public regarding true news among the many fake news circulating on social media,” added Totok.

Furthermore, he again added that journalists have a moral responsibility to oversee the 2024 elections.

“Journalists have an all-time moral responsibility to the public to ensure that the election goes well according to all applicable regulations,” said the Bawaslu member.

On a different occasion, Acting Chairman of the North Sulawesi General Election Commission (KPU), Meidy Tinangon hoped that the press would be able to create peace journalism.

The reason, according to him, is that in the election event there is a rivalry, which could have the potential to become a conflict.

“In elections there are rivalries that have the potential for conflict. The KPU once said that our hopes lead to humanitarian journalism, peace journalism,” said Tinangon.

For him, when the press continues to promote peace journalism, the arena of rivalry and conflict will become the arena of national integration.

“KPU hopes that the press plays a role in national integration, including the support of professional organizations such as AJI, PWI, IJTI and others to create peace journalism,” hoped the Acting Chairman of the North Sulawesi KPU.

The existence of synergy with the press does not then curb freedom of the press, but rather how freedom of the press can lead to elections that are able to integrate the nation.

Therefore, Tinangon really hopes that his party and the press will be able to establish good communication.

“That is what we hope for when the KPU and the press develop communication and synergy,” he said.

In a country that adheres to a democratic system of government, the role of the press is indeed very important.

“The press is the spearhead of the pillars of the democratic process,” said Tinangon.


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