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The Proximity of Candidate Ganjar Pranowo to Bobby Confirms Jokowi’s Support


JAKARTA – Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo’s intimacy and closeness to Bobby, Mayor of Medan has begun to be highlighted as an affirmation of President Joko Widodo’s support for PDI Perjuangan cadres in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

The focus on the closeness of Bobby, the Mayor of Medan, to the future presidential candidate (bacapres) Ganjar Pranowo is increasingly visible. 

The two of them looked intimate when the 2024 presidential candidate visited Medan and was warmly welcomed by Bobby at Kualanamu Airport, Deli Serdang. In fact, he also accompanied Ganjar during his visit to Medan.

This closeness was also seen when Bobby and Ganjar sat next to each other in the same car, at several events attended by cadres from the PDI Perjuangan party. 

In addition, when Ganjar arrived in Medan, Bobby also welcomed the Governor of Central Java and accompanied Ganjar, who had been pinned with a typical Batak ulos cloth, on his way to the North Sumatra PDIP DPD Office, Jalan Jamin Ginting.

Arriving there, the two discussed with Panda Nababan as a senior politician, Djarot Syaiful Hidayat as DPD, Yasonna Laoly as Chair of the PDIP DPP, to Junimart Girsang as Deputy Chair of Commission II DPR RI.

On another occasion, the two of them were still holding hands together towards the Multipurpose Building, Deli Serdang-North Sumatra Province, when Ganjar got out of the car Bobby accompanied him. 

Until when they arrived at the Multipurpose Building for the consolidation event of 16,500 PDIP cadres, the two familiar lovebirds sat next to each other, meanwhile Ganjar was wearing a black shirt and Bobby was greeted by the cadres from the stage.

Meanwhile, according to the Executive Director of Political Parameters Adi Prayitno, this closeness was one of Jokowi’s affirmations in supporting Ganjar Pranowo to become the forerunner of the President for the 2024-2029 period.

“So, this is confirmation that indeed Jokowi in 2024 will definitely be perpendicular to the PDIP political decision, supporting Ganjar Pranowo and not the others,” said Adi.

Apart from that, Adi also revealed that it was difficult to separate Jokowi from PDIP and Ganjar whose status was PDIP cadres and PDIP presidential candidates.

Therefore, it is certain that Jokowi fully supports the party’s decision with the presence of Ganjar Pranowo in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

In fact, it was not only Bobby who was seen as intimate with Ganjar, some time ago Gibran Rakabumimg Raka, Jokowi’s son also seemed close to Ganjar. 


According to Adi, the closeness of the three between Bobby and Gibran and Ganjar is a form of confirmation that Jokowi supports PDIP cadres who are in the same house with him in the 2024 Presidential Election and not others.

“So, if Ganjar’s closeness and intimacy with Bobby, with Gibran, that is one form of confirmation that Jokowi in 2024 will definitely go to Ganjar Pranowo, not to others, this is one party. One house together in PDIP,” Adi concluded.

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