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The Security Forces Have Optimal Anticipated Vulnerabilities in the 2024 Election


The 2024 election is only a few months away and preparations are getting more mature. One of the important things in elections is to strengthen security, so that there are no disturbances from anywhere. For this reason, more and more security forces have been deployed to deal with vulnerabilities in the 2024 elections.

General elections (Pemilu) will be held in 2024 but must be prepared from now so that later it will go well. The community plays a major role in creating peaceful elections. Peace must be maintained for the success of the election, and one of the ways is by keeping it tight.

Guarding from the apparatus is very important because elections are very prone to security problems. Anticipation is done so that there are no attacks from criminals or radical and terrorist groups.

Ahead of the 2024 Election the Central Java Regional Police held a joint simulation with the Kodam VI/Diponegoro, and the Regional Government of Magelang. The training was held at Kujon Field, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency, Central Java, Monday 14 August 2024. During the training there were joint personnel consisting of 1,150 police personnel, 150 Brimob personnel from the Central Java Police, and 92 people from the TNI and a number of agencies and institutions in Magelang Regency.

Not only showing a number of crowd control actions such as by spraying water or firing tear gas, this exercise also shows the steps to deal with terror bombs.

Central Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi said the sispam training was to hone the skills of every police, military and other related party in dealing with all threats and dangers that might disrupt security and public order during the election stage. Every police, military and all related parties must know that each election stage has its own level of vulnerability.

In a sense, the apparatus is increasingly diligent in training in dealing with various vulnerabilities in the election. This program must be successful, therefore there must be prevention from all things that could potentially fail it, including attacks and terrorism.

The exercises carried out by the apparatus consist of many activities. Not just using water cannon or tear gas. However, security forces are also trained to deal with attacks from radical and terrorist groups, namely by defusing bombs.

Even though there is Densus 88 which is a specialist anti-terrorism task force, officers are also required to practice bomb defuse. This is to guard against a bomb threat so that it can be dealt with immediately, while waiting for Densus 88 troops to arrive.

Anticipation of bomb attacks must be carried out because it is to prevent attacks from radical and terrorist groups. They could have bombed or attacked with sharp weapons during elections or during the campaign period. Prevention must be done because elections are attended by many people, and their lives must be protected from all kinds of attacks.

Radical and terrorist groups have so far hated all government programs, including elections. They carry out attacks to thwart elections, because the government is seen as an enemy. Therefore there is a need for prevention of terrorist attacks by security forces.

Meanwhile, the National Police are carrying out preparations and preparations related to the implementation of “Mantap Brata Operation 2023-2024”, which will be carried out by the National Police Headquarters and Satwil with the support of the TNI, related agencies and other Kamtibmas partners in the framework of securing the core stages of the 2024 Election.

Karopenmas Brigadier General Pol. Ahmad Ramadhan stated that the aim of the “Mantap Brata” operation 2023-2024 “is to maintain the conduciveness of security and public order at every stage of the election in order to guarantee the implementation of the people’s democratic party which is direct, public, free and secret.

The composition of the number of the Mantap Brata task force joined in the operation, explained Brigadier General Ramadhan, namely the National Police Headquarters with 9 task forces, the Regional Police task force with 7 task forces and the Police Task Force with 6 task forces.

Furthermore, Brigadier General Pol. Ramadhan mentioned that the task force consisted of several parts. The task force consists of the Preemptive Task Force, the Preventive Task Force, the Security and Security Task Force, the Gakum Task Force, the Public Relations Task Force and the Banops Task Force.

Security ahead of the election was getting tighter and both TNI and Polri personnel carried out various methods, including Mantap Brata training and operations. With this operation, it is hoped that the situation will be safer. The 2024 elections took place without any attacks, be it bombings, attacks with sharp weapons, throwing Molotov cocktails, or other attacks.

The task forces deployed by the National Police are working hard to secure the 2024 elections, from the campaign period to the end of the election period, even to the day the president and vice president are announced. Security must be tightened to prevent crime and unwanted things from happening.

Security forces from both the TNI and Polri were deployed to secure the 2024 elections and prevent various attacks, both from criminals and terrorist groups. The apparatus carried out exercises ranging from how to use water cannons to defuse bombs. The National Police also conducted an operation to secure the election until it was finished.

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