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The Successful Implementation of the 44th AIPA Agreed to Realize Economic Development


Jakarta – Deputy Chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency (BKSAP) DPR RI Sukamta, said that Indonesia was again successful in holding the 44th AIPA. At the event, Indonesia also succeeded in raising three topics which became the main discussion in the social and economic committee.

“In the first discussion, Parliament pushed for sustainable economic development and was free of drugs. The second discussion also raised the issue of green economy as an effort to protect the environment. While the third discussion focuses on increasing employment opportunities for young people, as well as helping people who don’t have a place to live. Thursday 10/8/2023.

On the other hand, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Parliament and President of the 44th ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) Puan Maharani also said that the implementation of the 44th AIPA in Jakarta had succeeded in agreeing on a number of important resolutions starting from ASEAN being made the epicenter of sustainable growth and development to increasing the role of young legislators. as well as women legislators to jointly build AIPA even more advanced.

Important resolutions have been agreed at the 44th AIPA in Jakarta so that it can be a milestone for AIPA to play a more active role in the region as well as a solution to various issues and problems faced by ASEAN countries, said Puan.

Putu Supadma Rudana, Head of the DPR’s BKSAP Regional Cooperation Desk, put a similar opinion, in Jakarta. He argued that the AIPA General Assembly was a rare moment as well as a valuable moment for the DPR and Indonesia. In this way, the DPR RI proves that the Indonesian Parliament can succeed in strengthening the role of parliamentary diplomacy in the midst of emerging regional challenges.

“With the success of holding AIPA 2023, Indonesia can further prove its leadership in international diplomacy, especially the representatives of the Indonesian people,” concluded Putu.

On the other hand, Putu Supadma also reminded that inter-parliamentary cooperation in ASEAN must be further enhanced following the many regional issues that must be resolved so that it can continue to be sustainable. 
It was not easy for the members of the ASEAN Parliament to agree on a number of resolutions, but the Indonesian Parliament succeeded in pushing for and realizing them through concrete cooperation so that later AIPA will be even stronger.

It is hoped that the successful leadership of the DPR RI in AIPA can serve as evidence and reference or example for other ASEAN countries.

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