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The video of President Jokowi speaking Mandarin circulating on social media is a hoax


Jakarta – Two video clip links circulating using the artificial intelligence (AI) method or what is called artificial intelligence challenged President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to be fluent in Mandarin and English when giving a speech at a business event with investors.
Indonesian communicator, Emrus Sihombing, expressed the opinion that the video being circulated in cyberspace was not genuine and was artificial so it was very similar to the original and found irregularities in the video.
“Videos that translate what is conveyed by the source should be conveyed using the original or if conveyed in another language, use translated text in the form of text at the bottom of the video,” said Emrus Sihombing.
This has given rise to multiple interpretations that President Jokowi has strong interests in the economic sector with the Chinese state, so quick action needs to be taken by the relevant ministries to remove the video from various social media.
“Videos delivered orally should immediately be taken down by the Ministry of Communication and Information or the ministry should immediately explain massively to the public space regarding the President’s speech which appears to have been delivered orally,” explained Emrus.
Emrus Sihombing added that he appealed to the public not to be influenced by videos manipulated by AI technology that are currently circulating and to be more careful in sorting all information ahead of the 2024 elections.
“The public must increase their vigilance because the circulation of hoax content is increasingly widespread and is considered quite massive recently, especially approaching the momentum of the 2024 election,” he added.
Technological developments, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, have become an integral part of people’s daily lives. However, increasingly sophisticated AI technology also has the potential to be used negatively, especially in creating hoax, disinformation and fraudulent content that can damage social stability and the democratic process.

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