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The Young Generation Determines the Direction of the Nation, Abstentions in the 2024 Election are Not a Choice


Millennials and Generation Z have a central role in determining the direction of the nation . Therefore, they should not abstain at all (white group) or not vote in the upcoming 2024 elections, because this is neither a solution nor an option.

It should be noted that the impact of abstaining from voting is actually detrimental to themselves , because one of them will make development projects undertaken by the government less supported, besides that it also reflects that this nation is not democratic at all. Even though Indonesia should be one of the countries that adheres to a democratic system of government.

Precisely in a democracy, one of the important pillars is the direct and real contribution of society in changing leadership in a country, in this case is the running of elections.

Then, people in a country that adheres to a democratic system have indeed been given broad rights to be able to participate in determining the fate of the nation in the future by determining the leaders according to what they want.

Deputy Chairman of the East Java Regional People’s Representative Council ( DPRD of East Java), Anwar Sadad asked millennials not to take the act of abstaining from holding the 2024 General Election (Election) democratic party. How could I not, because the role played by the younger generation is very large.

Therefore, he advised the youth not to become apathetic and even abstain from voting in the 2024 elections . Anwar also advised millennials to continue producing works and if there are parties who want or are interested in politics so they are not afraid.

Meanwhile, Politician from the Democratic National Party (NasDem) , Crebon City, Rickie Fersiansyah, also did the same thing, namely inviting young people not to vote for abstentions. According to him, by participating in the elections and using the voting rights they have, it means the same if these young people have contributed to the progress of the nation.

It cannot be denied that in the end, these young people are the ones who will become the next generation of the nation. So by participating in the 2024 election activities and not abstaining from abstaining, it is actually an initial form of contribution to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Then furthermore, if these millennials want to be a big part , then they really have to be able to become agents of the nation’s development. This development is carried out mentally as well as physically by continuing to take on a deeper role as a nation in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

According to Rickie, if, for example, these youths do abstain, especially since they are already included in the category of youth voters and should already have voting rights but are not using it, then this action is certainly wrong and should not be done .

Because they already have the right to speak at the 2024 General Election democratic party, it is time for these young people to speak up and participate in determining the fate of this nation in the future. In fact, it is completely inappropriate if there is a millennial who is proud of himself when he abstains.

Firmly, Rickie revealed that golput is not a great and cool jargon . The reason is, he considers that anything that is neutral or abstentions has a much lower value compared to what already exists or the determination to choose and determine and speak out. Precisely abstaining is showing that the millennials are weak because they cannot determine and express opinions.

Not only that, when these young people abstain, it means the same thing that they don’t care at all when they see how the people’s misery is going on. The young people also gave the impression that they didn’t want to make any changes if they decided to abstain.

In fact, a true young soul should be the soul of a leader, who will absolutely not remain silent when he sees the people in difficult conditions and circumstances and will not remain silent when he sees this country collapsing. Therefore, the only best choice that can be made by the youth is to make a real contribution to be part of the enactment of democracy in Indonesia by not belonging to the group.

Abstentions in the upcoming 2024 election is not an option at all. Moreover, for the millennial or youth generation, which is precisely how the fate and future of this nation lies and is determined by their hands and voices. So abstentions are not a solution.

)* The author is a contributor to Yud h istira Institute

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