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Thousands of Lawyers Ready to Escort Ganjar Pranowo’s Victory as President in 2024


JAKARTA – A thousand lawyers who are members of the Ganjar Pranowo Volunteer at the Ganjar Law and Development Center (GLDC) guarded Ganjar’s victory as President in 2024. 

Ganjar Law and Development (GLDC) declared its support for the PDI Perjuangan’s Candidate for President (Bacapres) on Sunday, 25 June 2023 in Jati Padang, South Jakarta.

The event was attended by Ganjar Pranowo, as well as Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna H Laoly. 

Sonny Dana Paramitha as Chair of GLDC stated that there were more than 1,000 reasons why Ganjar Pranowo was the most appropriate choice to continue President Joko Widodo’s leadership

“If there are more than 1,000 lawyers, these are more than 1,000 reasons why we chose Pak Ganjar who is the most appropriate,” said Sonny.

Furthermore, Sonny stated that one of the reasons GLDC relied on support for the Governor of Central Java Province, namely from his leadership track record which adheres to the Ideology of the 45 Constitution.

“At least with his leadership track record which always relies on the Ideology of the 45th Constitution, that is the main reason we rely on Pak Ganjar’s support,” he continued.

All lawyers who are members of GLDC are also accompanying Ganjar in the field of legal reform and also to win him in the 2024 Presidential Election.

“They (the lawyers) are assisting in particular and we are assisting Mr. Ganjar especially in legal aspects,” said Sonny.

The purpose and intent, he said, was to avoid fake news amid the large amount of information circulating in the community.

“The purpose of our declaration has gone, we have carried out a campaign, both land and air, but more specifically this is accompanying because currently there are a lot of hoaxes in the media, so many have hit our presidential candidate, so we are preparing it to accompany Pak Ganjar,” he added.

Responding to this, Ganjar expressed his gratitude to GLDC friends who also supported him both in person and via zoom.

“Friends from GLDC, thank you. Earlier I was a bit afraid where were the 1000 lawyers, it turns out that 1000 lawyers are present today in all corners of Indonesia and apparently followed via zoom,” he said.

Ganjar hopes that they can walk together in the upcoming election by maintaining feelings for one another and not bringing up issues regarding SARA.

Not to forget, he also conveyed a message to all of his supporters, namely the Ganjarists, not to bully each other, not to spread false news, to use ethics and common sense.

“I entrust the first that Ganjar Pranowo’s supporters are not allowed to bully, are not allowed to play hoaxes, we have ethics, we have a healthy way of thinking, we have data and facts that are displayed it is okay but if you make up things, don’t cheat,” he appealed.

GLDC also inaugurated the winning post for Ganjar Pranowo to become President 2024 which is located on Jl. l. Wildlife Park No. 32 Warung Buncit RT. 003 Rw. 011, Jatipadang Village, Pasar Minggu District, South Jakarta.

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