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Thousands of People Attend Ganjar Pranowo’s Declaration of Support in Surabaya


SURABAYA — Thousands of people enthusiastically attended the declaration of support for Ganjar Pranowo as President 2024 in Surabaya, East Java.

It is known that this agenda was carried out in Jeruk Field, driven by the Network for Ganjar President (NFGP) Volunteers.

NFGP Committee Chair Handrean Renada explained that in order to continue President Jokowi’s leadership, Indonesia really needs a leader like Ganjar Pranowo.

“We want to share happiness and exercise so that we are healthy, as exemplified by Mas Ganjar. To continue Pak Jokowi’s leadership, a figure who has excellent stamina is needed, what’s more, the message must be a marathon to take Indonesia forward in 2045,” he explained.

According to him, the reason they all continue to support the 54 year old leader is because of his clear track record and achievements.

“Yo wis, Mas Ganjar is just right, his track record is clear, good and accomplished,” continued the Chairman of the NFGP Committee.

Furthermore, he also revealed that the NFGP event held in Surabaya was a form of public joy for Ganjar Pranowo.

Handrean also claimed that not a single person was paid to attend the event because the thousands of people were all moving with their hearts.

“Record, yes, we move from the hearts of the thousands of people who attended, not a single person was paid, sincerely supporting Mas Ganjar,” he explained.

One proof that the declaration event which was attended by thousands of people in Surabaya was pure from the heart was because the activity was carried out in an open field and was purely a mutual cooperation of the residents themselves.

“This activity is pure mutual cooperation, not a party event. This is purely a Network for Ganjar President Volunteer activity, a popular activity in a simple place. “You don’t need to be in a hotel, you need to be in a sports field to be together with the people,” concluded Handrean.

On the same occasion, one of the initiators of the NFGP Volunteers, Ivan Sadik, stated that so far Surabaya City of Heroes itself has become the eleventh point for them to continue moving.

“This activity is the 11th point that has been carried out by the NFGP together with the fighting network in Indonesia. “10 City Districts in West Java,” he explained.

Meanwhile, PDI Perjuangan politician and secretary of the Coordinating Team for Volunteer Winning the Presidential Election (TKRPP) Deddy Yevri Sitorus revealed that the declaration previously made by Anies Baswedan and Muhaimin Iskandar actually benefited Ganjar.

Not without reason, because he predicts and believes that the votes of the Nahdlatul Ulama (Nahdliyin) residents will move to the white-haired leader.

“Personally, in my opinion, the PKB decision will actually make the overflow of votes from Nahdliyin circles towards Ganjar Pranowo potentially increase,” said Deddy.

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