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Thousands of Southeast Sulawesi Residents Declaration to Support Ganjar Pranowo


SOUTHEAST SULAWESI — There are thousands of people in the province of Southeast Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi), all of whom have very solidly declared their full support for Ganjar Pranowo.

During the declaration event, hundreds of scavengers and pedicab drivers flocked to the declaration location at the Ex MTQ Kendari Field.

The pedicab drivers, scavengers and laborers stand out among the thousands of other volunteers who come from 17 districts and cities in Central Sulawesi.

It should be noted that currently there are as many as 1,500 Ganjar Pranowo volunteer teams spread across 38 provinces, of which 33 of them are in the Southeast Sulawesi region.

Deputy Coordinator of the Ganjar Pranowo Winning Volunteer Team, Adian Napitupulu explained that the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate had the support of the majority of the Indonesian people because of his track record.

It’s not just a good track record, but why support is increasing for the white-haired leader because he is also supported by President Jokowi.

“Judging from his track record, his attitude so far, this has become a special emphasis from President Jokowi,” said Adian Napitupulu.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of the PDI Perjuangan DPD Lukman Abunawas revealed that there were several strong reasons why support continued to flow to Ganjar Pranowo.

The first is because the 54-year-old leader was considered very successful when he served as Governor in Central Java, then the second reason is because he is a simple figure and sided with the common people.

“Then, he came from a simple family, was religiously devout, what’s more, we know that he and his wife are memorizers of the Koran. Those were some of the reasons that moved us to make a choice,” said Lukman.

The Central Executive of the Ganjar Pranowo Winning Volunteer Team, Erwin Usman then added that the volunteers in Central Sulawesi were people who were very ready with all the infrastructure and their adequate facilities.

“One of the reasons, the office in the Southeast Sulawesi region is the most prepared for its members, the first office with adequate infrastructure and facilities, after this we inaugurated the volunteer team office in West Java,” he said.

Not only in Southeast Sulawesi, but a declaration of support was also made by the community in Kepohkidul Village, Bojonegoro Regency.

The Head of Kepohkidul Samudi Village explained that the figure of Ganjar Pranowo was able to bring about changes in Indonesia for the better, besides that his figure was also very understanding of the people in the village. “This has entered the political year and with Ganjar Pranowo’s declaration, we believe he can bring changes to a better Indonesia, because of the three candidates that have been seen so far, only Ganjar understands the village, so he supports Ganjar Pranowo,” he said.

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