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Viral Video of President Jokowi Fluent in Mandarin, Expert: Hoax!


Jakarta – Communication expert from Pelita Harapan University (UPH), Emrus Sihombing confirmed that the video of President Jokowi appearing to speak fluent Mandarin is fake news or a hoax.

This was conveyed in response to the circulation of a fake video containing President Jokowi speaking fluent Mandarin.

Emrus continued that the original video should include speech text, making it easier for viewers to understand the substance being conveyed

“The speech delivered must be a speech that is originally in text form. So that the accessor or viewer of the news can control whether what is conveyed in oral form is the same as in written form.” Emrus said in a video received by journalists, Thursday (26/10)

On the other hand, added Emrus, the video was delivered in Mandarin and made as if President Jokowi was speaking, which could give rise to multiple interpretations.

“It’s as if Mr. Joko Widodo is part of the power of economic interests in China or China,” he said

Therefore, Emrus believes that the video of President Jokowi appearing to be fluent in Mandarin is a hoax.

Not only that, the Communicologist reminded the Ministry of Communication and Information to immediately delete the video from various social media platforms. Apart from that, the Ministry of Communication and Information must also stamp the video as a hoax.

“The Ministry of Communication and Information must massively explain this to the public,” he added.

He added that the creator of President Jokowi’s hoax video, fluent in Mandarin, has a particular interest, especially ahead of the 2024 elections.

“The person who wrote the text in oral form, I think he had certain interests and motives,” he concluded.

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