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West Sumatra SDG Volunteers Solidly Socialize Ganjar Pranowo


WEST SUMATERA — Santri Support Ganjar (SDG) Volunteers in West Sumatra continue to work together to socialize Ganjar Pranowo with a variety of positive and useful activities for the local community.

It is known that they carry out weekly canvassing activities by visiting the Nurul Iman Taklim Assembly in Dadodk Raya, West Padang District.

On this occasion, the Regional Secretary of the West Sumatra SDG, Almaizet Putra, continued to make efforts to introduce the figure of Ganjar Pranowo as a candidate for President of the Republic of Indonesia in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election. They also asked for prayers for the victory of the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate.

“We ask for prayers so that Mr. Ganjar Pranowo will be elected President of Indonesia in the upcoming 2024 elections,” he said in Padang, West Sumatra, Tuesday 8/8/2023.

Then, the Leader of the Nurul Iman Taklim Assembly, Ustadz Alpian highly appreciated the positive activities carried out by SDG and also prayed for the Governor of Central Java to win in the upcoming Presidential Election.

“Hopefully the fan assistance can support the religious activities of our ta’lim assembly, hopefully Mr. Ganjar Pranowo will be elected President of Indonesia in the 2024 elections,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, other positive activities by the volunteers supporting the white-haired leader did not only come from West Sumatra, but also from various regions in Indonesia, one of which was in Bekasi.

Friends of Ganjar (Saga) volunteers held digital marketing seminars and proved successful in attracting a lot of attention from local entrepreneurs and individuals.

Dian Kurniawan as one of the participants revealed that the activities from Saga made him understand more about the importance of digital marketing.

“This seminar really opened my eyes about how important digital marketing is in competing in today’s market,” he said.

On another occasion, Saga also held a healthy exercise program with hundreds of people in Depok.

The chairman of the Depok City DPC, Suseno Bimo Kuncoro said that the activity also aimed to invite the public to collaborate in the spirit of supporting Ganjar Pranowo’s victory.

“Ganjar’s friends want to invite the community to collaborate and be enthusiastic about supporting Mr. Ganjar Pranowo to become Indonesia in 2024,” he said.

Not only that, according to him, a series of gymnastic activities can help the community to increase awareness of health.

“Also inviting people to be more concerned about their health,” added Suseno.

One of the participants in the healthy exercise, Putri Puspita, admitted that she was very happy and motivated to maintain her health.

“This healthy exercise is very fun and gives positive energy, together with friends,” he added.

Of course, the series of activities, starting from holding digital branding seminars to healthy gymnastics promoted by Sahabat Ganjar, shows how strong their commitment is in supporting business development and community welfare.

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