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West Sumatran Young Entrepreneurs Support Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Election


Padang – Young entrepreneurs who are Hetero for Startup (HFS) finalists in West Sumatra (West Sumatra) appreciate the program and support presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo.

On one occasion, Ganjar Pranowo attended 35 HFS season 3 finalists, one of which was HFS finalist Fajri from Padang, West Sumatra (West Sumatra).

Fajri, who is a clothing-based entrepreneur named Hamka Indonesia, started his business in 2019 and already has 70 employees, 90 percent of whom are housewives (IRT).

According to Fajri, HFS is a good program because it provides a lot of space for startup entrepreneurs to learn various things, such as foundation, financial literacy, marketing, and so on.

“At Hetero, we can learn a lot about financial literacy, marketing. We also learn with extraordinary mentors who are also very expert, so we can get a lot of things,” said Fajri.

Apart from being a gathering place for startup entrepreneurs, HFS also presents expert mentors in their fields, they even accompany the participants and discuss timelessly.

“They can discuss with each other, interact, add to the network, gain knowledge, especially now that the government is very active on MSMEs and entrepreneurship, so Hetero if possible doesn’t only exist in Central Java but can exist throughout Indonesia,” said Fajri.

Another young entrepreneur named Sahono who initiated Jegg Boy and Girl also admitted that Ganjar’s breakthrough was very beneficial for his business.

“From finance, from how to communicate, how to make the business better, scale up, of course we can get a lot from Hetero,” said Sahono.

Furthermore, Sahono also thanked the Governor of Central Java for the extraordinary support given to MSMEs through the HFS program.

“Thanks to Mr. Ganjar for giving us the Hetero for Startup program. Small business actors can scale up with the program,” he said

Meanwhile, the MSME actor from Magelang, Elisa Anggraini, who has various herbal products, is also grateful for the Ganjar Stalls initiated by Ganjar Pranowo.

“Pak Ganjar, thank you very much sir. Thank you sir for helping me. Thanks to you, I can now buy a house,” said Elisa.

In fact, he admits that thanks to these stalls his products are well-known on the international stage and achieve a sales turnover of tens of millions per month.

“Thanks to Ganjar Stalls, sir, my products have become well-known to Europe. Now regular exports to the Netherlands, Venice, Malaysia and Hong Kong, sir,” he explained.

Caring about MSMEs and providing lots of motivation, Elisa hopes that Ganjar’s goodness will spread to other leaders.

“Mr. Ganjar always cares about MSMEs, accompanies, provides motivation, access to capital and other things that make MSMEs like us able to be independent,” he concluded.

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