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About Us

In globalization, media became an important actor in initiating for developing a country. The media used as the main source to meet the society information needs. As advances in information communication and technology, the rapid development of media marked by the emergence of various types of media, one of them is online media / online media (in the network).
In the expansion, the speed information becomes a major factor in presenting the news in online media, so that the accuracy of the information no longer an absolute requirement that must be met by each presenter information. Therefore, the Institute of National Capability and Development (CIDISS) was formed with the aim to restore the ideals of the presentation of information and the fundamental values of the media as a public space, so that the existence and professionalism of media can be recognized internationally.
Among connoisseurs of CIDISS is professional, office employees, academics, students, middle and upper class people, or among the educated people. CIDISS enter the segment of middle and upper class readers by using several languages, including English, Arabic and Chinese.