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By: Darwin Sebastian

Indonesia, with the honor of hosting the 2023 AIS Forum Summit, plays a strategic role in driving various aspects of the economy and discussing increasingly pressing global maritime issues. In an economic context, this event has a significant impact on the local economy in the Bali area, spurring sectors such as tourism and the creative economy which can experience rapid growth.

The importance of the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is not only limited to Indonesia’s role as host, but also in its ability to influence the direction and focus of discussions at the regional level. As the host, Indonesia has the right to determine the themes and agenda that will be discussed at the conference, giving it the privilege to highlight the issues it considers most important, such as advancing the concept of a sustainable blue economy.

In this context, Indonesia has a great opportunity to promote the growth of the blue economy sector which involves various aspects such as fisheries, marine tourism and renewable energy. This will not only help create new jobs, but also increase local income and strengthen Indonesia’s image as a maritime country.

Apart from that, Indonesia’s role in the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is very strategic in the context of global maritime issues. Indonesia is widely known as the largest archipelagic country in the world with waters rich in natural resources. As host, Indonesia can raise issues such as marine environmental protection, monitoring and sustainable management of marine resources, as well as marine security from threats such as pollution and illegal fishing.

The host has greater control in organizing how these issues are debated and addressed at the 2023 AIS Forum Summit. In this way, Indonesia can make a significant contribution to global efforts to protect and preserve the world’s oceans. In addition to the economic and marine aspects, the AIS Forum Summit 2023 is also an important platform for Indonesia to promote its culture and natural beauty. With visits from state leaders from across ASEAN and other stakeholders, this summit opens up opportunities for Indonesia to showcase its rich cultural heritage, including traditional performing arts, local handicrafts and typical Indonesian culinary delights.

Overall, the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is not only an opportunity to improve Indonesia’s image in the eyes of the world, but also to encourage economic growth and discuss pressing global issues. Indonesia, with its crucial role as host, has great potential to lead in achieving sustainable goals in the context of developments in digital technology and maritime security. All of this brings great hope for the future of Indonesia and the ASEAN region as a whole.

In an effort to make the 2023 AIS Forum Summit a memorable and productive event, Indonesia has taken significant steps in preparation for this event. Starting from improving infrastructure in Bali, such as improving roads, public transportation and conference facilities, to major global promotional efforts to ensure that participants and leaders from ASEAN and outside the region can attend this event comfortably.

Additionally, in the spirit of regional cooperation, Indonesia has also partnered with various international institutions and non-governmental organizations to support the 2023 AIS Forum summit agenda. This includes collaboration with environmental organizations to address marine and sustainability issues as well as working with educational institutions and research to facilitate meaningful dialogue among stakeholders.

The 2023 AIS Forum Summit will also be an important event for technology companies and start-ups in Indonesia and ASEAN to showcase their innovations. This is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs and technology industry leaders to explore investment and partnership opportunities that can drive digital economic growth in the region.

Apart from that, the role of academics and strategic thinkers, such as UKI Professor of Social and Political Sciences Prof. Angel Damayanti, PhD, will be especially important in the context of the AIS Forum 2023 Summit. They can provide valuable insights on complex issues such as digital transformation, cybersecurity, and the impact of technology on the economy. Contributions from experts such as Prof. Angel Damayanti, PhD, will provide a scientific foundation and deeper understanding in facing the challenges and opportunities in this digital era.

Of course, the 2023 AIS Forum Summit will also highlight social issues, including digital literacy and inclusion. In an increasingly digitally connected world, it is important for all levels of society to have adequate access to and understanding of technology. Therefore, this event will be a good platform to share best practices in increasing digital literacy and ensuring that the benefits of technology can be felt by everyone.

In conclusion, the 2023 AIS Forum Summit in Indonesia is a highly anticipated event, with great potential to influence the direction of digital, economic and maritime technology development in ASEAN and beyond. With Indonesia’s strategic role as host, we can hope that the results of this summit will make a significant contribution to achieving sustainable development goals and strengthening Indonesia’s position on the world stage. All of this reflects the spirit of collaboration and innovation that will define the region’s future in the digital era.

*) The author is an International Relations Observer at IISIP Jakarta

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