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Beware of Fake News Regarding the Job Creation Perppu


By: Ratih Safira Utami )*

On social media, there are many hoaxes about the Job Creation Perppu. The public is asked to be vigilant so they don’t get caught in hoaxes and in the end do not comply with this rule. Hoaxes are deliberately made by individuals to thwart government programs. People must have internet literacy and social media so that they are not consumed by hoaxes and propaganda.

Hoax is fake news that is deliberately made, with the aim of bringing down certain parties. Unfortunately, some Indonesian people still lack digital literacy, so they are easily fooled by hoaxes. They are also lazy to check the truth of a news story and eat it raw, and immediately share it with  their respective communities.

This phenomenon causes hoaxes about the Job Creation Perppu to be produced by rogue elements, who do not agree with the regulation. When this Perppu was inaugurated, thousands of people demonstrated just because they were consumed by the fake news. It’s a shame those who have higher education are still affected by hoaxes.

The danger of the Job Creation Perppu hoax is that it can hamper economic growth in Indonesia. Because if many people are consumed by fake news and then come to the Constitutional Court to conduct  a judicial review  of the Job Creation Perppu, there could be a threat of having the authorization cancelled. It is possible that the implementation of this Perppu in the field will be complicated by some people because they have been exposed to hoaxes.

The Ministry of Manpower or the Ministry of Manpower refute six untrue reports regarding Government Regulation in Lieu of Law no. 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation or the Job Creation Perppu. The untrue news includes holidays and work holidays. 

The Director General for the Development of Industrial Relations and Workers’ Social Security, Indah Anggoro Putri, said that it is important to fully understand the Job Creation Perppu so that there are no misunderstandings. In the Perppu, provisions regarding the substance of employment are contained in chapter IV.

Indah continued, there were six hoaxes from the Job Creation Perppu that were confirmed by the Ministry of Manpower: first, workers could be contracted for life, where this issue developed because the Perpu Ciptaker did not limit the period of contract workers or a Specific Time Work Agreement (PKWT) as stated in the Law Number 13 of 2003. 

In the law, it is stated that PKWT is a maximum of two years and can be extended for one year. Responding to this, Indah said that it was not true that PKWT workers could be contracted for life. Perppu Cipta Kerja does not regulate the time period for PKWT, but the regulation mandates further regulation in the revision of Government Regulation no. 35 years 2021.

The second Perppu Cipta Kerja hoax is that workers’ vacation time is reduced by only one day a week. Indah said the issue was not true. The amount of rest time depends on the amount of working time applied by the employer. If the working time is six days, the worker is entitled to one day of rest. If the working time is five days, then the worker is entitled to two days rest. 

The third hoax is that the long leave does not apply. Even though the Job Creation Perppu regulates rest or long leave. If the company has arranged a work agreement, company regulations or collective work agreement, then the long break will still apply and may not be reduced.

Meanwhile, the next hoax is the abolition of menstruation and maternity leave. Indah continued that this was not true because Indonesia is a member country of the ILO (International Labor Organization), so it is impossible to abolish the leave. 

The fifth hoax regarding the Job Creation Perppu is that layoffs can be done unilaterally. The fact is that layoffs can only be carried out if the company has notified the workers/laborers in advance, and the workers have given their consent. 

While the last hoax regarding severance pay and long service awards was removed. Even though the Ciptaker Perppu still regulates severance pay, gratuity pay, and compensation for rights. 

If the public and workers believe this hoax, it will result in reduced product quality and decreased buyers. This negative domino effect will reduce people’s purchasing power and the danger is that it can stop the wheels of the economy.

If the wheels of the economy don’t move, it will be dangerous, because it is feared that Indonesia will experience a volume 2 economic crisis. The country’s financial situation will be sluggish and life will become difficult. This will hinder the government’s program to restore the national economy. Instead of raising the country’s finances, workers are not aware that they have reduced their economic power.

Therefore, the community is obliged to fight hoaxes in the Job Creation Perppu. The GESIT (literacy generation published) community invites the public to stop the circulation of these hoaxes. This is done by increasing their awareness so they don’t spread the Job Creation Perppu hoax which unfortunately has spread on social media and WA groups.

Anggara, the coordinator of GESIT, calls on the public to fully support the Job Creation Law, also inviting them to continue to be optimistic about the future. In a sense, our economic situation will gradually improve if the Job Creation Perppu is implemented in people’s lives. Because there are improvements to the work system and government bureaucracy.

Hoaxes about the Job Creation Perppu need to be stopped right now because it can hamper the national economic recovery program. Don’t believe if someone shares news  on social media or WA groups, but first check the truth. The public is asked not to play a role in spreading false news about the Job Creation Perppu. 

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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