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Community Figures Play an Important Role in Fighting Radicalism


By : Janu Farid Kesar )*

Radicalism continues to be prevented from spreading more widely because if it is allowed to continue, this nation will be damaged because of it. Community figures are expected to work together in preventing the spread of radicalism, so that the spread of forbidden ideas can be stopped. 

Radical groups do whatever they want and often impose authority and end in violence. Don’t let this happen in this country because it’s like a nightmare coming true. Radicalism is still entrenched in Indonesia. Radical groups took advantage of the moment when the reform era began, and they secretly entered Indonesia, then tried to spread their wings by regeneration everywhere.

When radicalism and terrorism have already entered Indonesia, the next homework is eradication. To ward off radicalism in Indonesia, there must be an important role from community leaders. The Pamekasan Police held a dialogue and visited religious and community leaders in Pamekasan, Madura.

Brigadier Lionel Parizki, Bhabinkamtibmas of Tagangser Village, Pamekasan, Madura, stated that the activities, visits, and dialogues with religious leaders, community leaders, and local residents aim to ward off radicalism. In addition, another goal is to narrow the movement of terrorists.

In a sense, the police as a friend of the people hold dialogues and approach community leaders, in order to create collaboration in rejecting radicalism. As a public figure, he agreed to calls for anti-radicalism. He was also grateful because the apparatus was very humble and came to the people to hold heart-to-heart dialogue.

Community leaders play an important role in fighting radicalism. The reason is because community leaders are highly respected and citizens will follow their steps to stay away from radicalism. If a community figure is very nationalist, the citizens are also nationalists and don’t want to be influenced by radicalism and terrorism.

The role of community leaders is very important because citizens will follow their example, even if they don’t have high positions in government. Community leaders have a special place in society and are considered as elders. Therefore he must be nationalist and anti-radicalism, so that no Indonesian citizens are involved in radicalism and terrorism.

Community leaders must work together to eradicate radicalism. The reason is because he is an Indonesian citizen who is obliged to defend the country so preventing the spread of radicalism is tantamount to defending Indonesia. Reporting to the authorities when there are suspicious activities does not mean being paranoid and afraid of radical groups, but rather a way to prevent the spread of radicalism in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Head of the BNPT (National Counterterrorism Agency) Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar stated that the collaboration with community leaders was the implementation of the pentahelix scheme to prevent the spread of radicalism. 

The petahelix scheme is a collaboration to eradicate radicalism and terrorism, which is a collaboration between five parties: government, society, academics, media, and businessmen. In this case, the mass organization represents the people of Indonesia.

With the pentahelix scheme, it is hoped that the spread of radicalism can be easily overcome. The reason is because there is cooperation and if there is collaboration then a problem can be quickly resolved. The government cannot move alone to overcome radicalism, therefore all elements of society, especially community leaders, are expected to work together and help, so that terrorist and radical groups can be quickly expelled from Indonesia.

Community leaders are expected to be more sensitive and observe their surroundings because there could be radical groups undercover. It could be that those who are too secretive or even open and broadcast about jihad and a caliphate state, are members of radical groups. The report will be quickly handled by the anti-terror Detachment 88 for investigation and investigation.

In essence, as a good citizen of Indonesia, a public figure cannot be indifferent. However, when there is something suspicious, it can be investigated and then reported to the authorities. One report can bear a lot of fruit because it could lead to terrorists and radicals being caught and he can no longer cause chaos in Indonesia.

Community leaders must work together in overcoming the spread of radicalism. Especially now that radicalism and terrorism are being spread not only by ISIS alumni but also by sites and social media accounts that contain these ideas. The internet is a very fertile ground for the spread of radicalism.

The role of community leaders is important to guide their citizens in the supervision of their families. Don’t let children become victims of radicalism because of their exposure on social media.

To eradicate radicalism, good synergy is needed between community leaders, apparatus and the government. Don’t just rely on the government because civilians can also have initiatives to counter radicalism. The point is you have to pay attention to your surroundings and you can’t ignore anyone who is suspected of being a radical group.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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