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Condemning the Sadistic Action of KST Papua Hostage The Passenger of Susi Air


By : Rebecca Marian )*

The Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) is back in action and this time they are holding the Susi Air pilot and passengers hostage in the Nduga area. The Papuan people condemn this sadistic act and support the government to firmly crush the group.

KST is a common enemy, not only for the people of Papua, but also for all Indonesian people. The reason is they always attack civilians and act too cruelly, some even lose their lives. KST also damaged public facilities and damaged planes, even though it had absolutely nothing to do with the government (which they saw as an enemy). 

Pangdam XVII/Cendrawasih Major General Muhammad Saleh Mustafa stated that on 7 February 2023 KST burned a Susi Air plane at Paro Airport, Nduga, Central Papua. The culprit was KST led by Egianus Kogoya. Not only burning, he also took the pilot of the plane named Captain Phillips hostage, along with a number of passengers.

The Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Kombes Ignatius Benny Prabowo, confirmed that the plane contained 5 passengers who were brought by a pilot from New Zealand. The plane departed from Mozes Kilangin Regency Airport to Paro Airport, Nduga Regency. However, the plane that was supposed to arrive in Timika was difficult to contact.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fahiri stated that the names of the passengers on the Susi Air plane were Demanus Gwijangge, Minda Gwijangge, Pelenus Gwijangge, Meita Gwijangge, and Wetina W. There has been no official statement regarding the number of passengers taken hostage by KST, whether all of them were kidnapped or some just.

Susi Air Representative, Donal Fariz, revealed the chronology of the Susi Air plane being burned by KKB terrorists in Nduga, Papua. Donald said the plane caught fire at 06.35 WIT this morning.

Initially, the Susi Air Pilatus Porter PC 6/PK-BVY aircraft at Paro Airport lost contact at around 06.17 WIT, while carrying out a flight on the Timika-Paro-Timika route carrying 5 passengers and luggage with a total load of 452 kg.

Two hours later Susi Air found the plane’s ELT in an active position at 09.12 WIT. The company then carried out an emergency situation internally by sending another plane to check the position of the plane and it was found to be on fire on the runway.

The regional government of Papua and the security forces moved quickly to rescue the passengers on the Susi Air plane. Moreover, among the passengers there are still babies. However, the TNI Commander, Admiral Yudo Margono, denied the information that the pilot had also been kidnapped. He stated that there was no hostage taking and the pilot escaped. His party will evacuate the five passengers, including the pilot.

Kabid Humas Polda Papua Kombes Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo said the joint TNI-Polri officers who were members of the Cartenz Damai Task Force, Nduga Police personnel, and TNI colleagues would conduct an investigation into the condition of the pilots and all passengers of the Susi Air SI 9368 aircraft.

Currently the Joint Apparatus has succeeded in evacuating the passengers and crew of the aircraft. Therefore, this step by the security forces needs the support of many parties. 

The families of the passengers and pilots, including the people of Papua, are waiting for the results of the investigation into the burning of the plane and the kidnapping of passengers by Susi Air. They also hope that similar incidents will never happen again and Papua can be safe from KST disturbances.

The public was also advised not to worry too much because the Cartenz Damai Task Force together with a joint TNI-Polri team swiftly combed the area near Paro Airport, Nduga, Central Papua. With this security patrol, all forms of disturbance from Kamtibmas are expected to be minimized. 

Basically, to face KST led by Egianus Kogoya, you can use the old method. They once kidnapped Papuan workers and were eventually released, with the approach of community leaders and religious leaders. Currently, apart from deploying security forces, community leaders can also be sent to approach Egianus Kogoya to free the victims.

Religious leaders and community leaders are expected to help eradicate KST, because they are good citizens and nationalists. With its influence, KST will soften and then release the hostage passengers. Especially if these characters still have the same surname or are closely related, and their seduction will be easier to get KST to stop their atrocities.

The hostage-taking of a number of passengers on the Susi Air plane shocked the people of Papua. Moreover, some of them are still babies. The Papuan people hope that this incident will never happen again and that KST can be eradicated soon. This needs to be done so that they do not cause riots or kidnappings throughout the Cendrawasih Land .

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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