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Indonesian National Team CS: GO Female Enters the Finals, PB ESI is Optimistic to Win Overall Champion 


By: Tyas Permata Wiyana )*

The Indonesian CS:GO Female national team made it into the lower bracket final at the IESF Bali 14 th  WEC 2022. Seeing this, the Indonesian Esport Management (PB ESI) is becoming increasingly optimistic that the overall champion is indeed in sight for this nation to achieve. .

Achievement after achievement continues to be recorded by the Indonesian National Team (Timnas). This time it was the turn of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Female Team who managed to win a ticket to advance to the next round after defeating Team Namibia with an absolute score of 2-0.

Indeed, the IESF Bali 14 Th  World Esports Championships 2022 is an event that is held directly by Indonesia as the host and has been named the largest outdoor esports event in the world so that it was recorded as a world record in The Guinness Book of World Records  as  an Esports event. with the most participants, namely as many as 105 countries attending it.

This fact alone is actually enough to make all Indonesian people proud, because this nation has proven successful in presenting and holding world-class Esports activities that are very lively and magnificent. But it turns out that it’s not only that, but how the performance of the Indonesian National Team at this event cannot be underestimated at all.

Most recently, the CS:GO Female Indonesian National Team has officially secured a ticket to advance to the lower bracket final. The Indonesian national team in the game itself is currently ranked in the top three. After defeating Namibia, for the next match, the Indonesian National Team still doesn’t know which country they will face, it could be Poland or Argentina.

Responding to this, one of the Indonesian CS:GO Female National Team players, Dhammamitta ‘margeaux’ Marvella said he really wanted to meet the Argentina Team in the next round. This is because in fact they have previously faced Poland, so there is great hope for these players to be able to try the abilities of all players from other countries.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairperson for PB ESI Athlete & Achievement, Yohannes P. Siagian emphasized that actually Indonesia still has a great opportunity to be able to achieve optimal performance in the world Esports event scene. Mainly after knowing that many of the Indonesian National Team from representatives of several games were able to continue advancing to the next round by bulldozing various representatives from other countries.

With these opportunities that are still very wide open, he then advised all Indonesian esports athletes to continue to increase their self-confidence. This is very important so that the Indonesian National Team can be more determined to continue to produce many achievements by beating teams from any country, so there is no need to feel less confident, especially knowing how well-prepared preparations have been made long ago.

Even though he advised the athletes to become more confident, Yohannes also could not deny that all the athletes themselves should not underestimate whoever the team they were fighting against. So that this confident attitude must also be balanced with high vigilance so that we can be much better prepared to face all the challenges ahead.

Don’t let it be precisely because you feel too confident, that these athletes appear arrogant, which then they lower their vigilance and caution which results in being negligent and in the end being able to be defeated by the other team. So it cannot be denied that the mental aspect is very important here.

For this reason, PB ESI has so far provided a lot of coaching and guidance as a provision for all Indonesian esports athletes to have a strong winning mentality against any threats. Particularly during the management era of PB ESI under the leadership of General Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan, his party is very determined and also highly committed to really maximizing the Indonesian Esports ecosystem so that it succeeds in leading Esports Asia.

PB ESI itself has prepared a lot of supplies long ago, starting from technical aspects to non-technical aspects for all Esports athletes in the country. Yohannes added that some of the non-technical aspects meant were related to time management, diet, communication patterns and so on.

On another occasion, the Head of PB ESI, Budi Gunawan himself really hopes that Indonesia will be able to succeed not only as the host and organizer of the IESF Bali 14 Years WEC  2022 event, but also to score very capable achievements so that it can become the overall champion. For this reason, according to him, the spirit and also a strong commitment in fighting with the best ability must be continuously improved.

PB ESI continues to be optimistic that the Indonesian National Team will be able to become the overall champion in the IESF Bali 14th WEC  2022 event. This optimism mainly came after the CS:GO Female Indonesian National Team won the match against the Namibia Team with an absolute score of 2-0 so they managed to bag a ticket to the semifinals next because they are in the top three positions and will be waiting to see who their opponent will be in the lower bracket final going forward.

)* The author is a contributor to  Persada Institute

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