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Support Booster Vaccination As Travel Condition


By: Aulia Hawa )*

Booster vaccination (third vaccine injection) is mandatory and made a requirement before people travel, both domestically and internationally. This rule is 100% supported by many people because boosters further increase the body’s immunity from Corona. If all passengers have been boosted, the trip is guaranteed to be safe and the pandemic can be controlled.

The pandemic makes many rules change because they are adjusted to the circumstances. In the past, people who were going to travel (especially by train and airplane) had to show a negative PCR test result. But now they don’t need to test anymore. Replaced with the obligation to show booster vaccine results, in the PeduliLindung application.

This rule is stated in the Circular of the Minister of Transportation Number 83 of 2022 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Domestic Travel by Air Transportation During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period. Acting Director General of Civil Aviation Isnin Istiartono stated that this rule was effective as of August 29, 2022.

Monday continued, the conditions for boarding an airplane that have been in effect since August 29 are:

  1. The booster vaccine is mandatory if the passenger is 18 years and over.
  2. Passengers aged 6-18 years should be vaccinated in 2 doses.
  3. Passengers under 6 years old are not required to be vaccinated but must be accompanied by an adult who has been vaccinated with the booster.

Aircraft carrying capacity has returned to 100% as it was before the pandemic. Therefore, the requirements for booster vaccines are mandatory. The reason is because when the capacity is full, there is no longer any distance between passengers. To protect yourself from the possibility of Corona transmission, in addition to being required to wear a mask, a booster vaccine is also required.

The community fully supports this rule change. The reason is because first, the cost of PCR testing is quite high. Second, this regulation will increase the coverage of booster vaccination in Indonesia. By mid-2022, new booster vaccination coverage was around 22%. Even though the coverage of dose 2 vaccination is more than 80%.

The coverage of booster vaccination must be increased so that the community’s immunity is stronger and minimizes the transmission of Corona on the way. When it is still a pandemic and Corona continues to mutate into new variants and subvariants, it is not enough just to have 2 vaccine injections.

The reason is because after 6 months of the second dose of vaccine, the protection against Corona will decrease slowly. Therefore it should be continued with a booster injection. If all airplane passengers have been boosted, then there is no sense of anxiety on the way, because their immune system is already good.

However, it is not necessary to wait 6 months after the second dose to get a booster shot. The public only needs to wait 3 months after the second dose of vaccine is given, then the booster schedule is issued in the Peduli Protect application. If the schedule is listed, they are expected to immediately go to the nearest hospital to get a booster vaccine injection for Corona, and it is still free by the government.

Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force Team, Professor Wiku Adisasmito, stated that travelers must receive a booster injection. For people who still do not meet the vaccine (booster) status, they are allowed to postpone domestic travel. Then you must immediately get a booster injection to the nearest health center.

Professor Wiku added, boosters were encouraged as a travel requirement, to anticipate the new variant of Corona that could appear in the next 6 months. In a sense, this virus does continue to mutate into new variants and subvariants, and is usually more virulent than the previous variant. Therefore, the public is required to have a booster vaccine before traveling, so as not to contract any variant of the Corona virus.

Booster vaccination as a condition of travel is fully supported by the community. The reason is because the number of OTG (people without symptoms) is increasing. Especially if they only get mild Corona whose symptoms are very similar to the common cold, but coupled with anosmia (loss of sense of smell). OTG is still strong for activities outside the home and is not aware that it has Corona.

If OTG is not disciplined to wear a mask and he will travel domestically, then the potential for Corona transmission will occur. Both at airports, stations, and terminals. Moreover, the three places are already starting to be crowded with people and it is difficult to keep a distance. To anticipate the spread of Corona, every passenger must be given a booster.

Giving a booster is an obligation and the public is expected to understand what it means, so that they are safe from the dangers of Corona while traveling. Moreover, this vaccine is still free of charge by the government, so there is no reason to refuse it. Immediately booster to the nearest health center or hospital if it has not been injected.

Booster vaccination as a condition for domestic travel and overseas travel is fully supported by the community. The reason is because this vaccine can protect against Corona transmission, which continues to mutate to become more virulent. Then, the passenger journey has also been 100%, so the booster will protect the public from all possible transmission of Corona.

)* The author is a contributor to the National Institute

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