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Towards Golden Indonesia 2045: Unity – National Unity and Sustainability Key to the Success of Future Leaders


Jakarta – In the nation’s journey towards “Golden Indonesia 2045”, the national leadership as a result of the 2024 political contest must have the ability to navigate to take the nation beyond international dynamics so that national interests can still be achieved. Unity and unity is a priority and the main capital. Therefore, the ideal national leader as a result of the 2024 Contest is one who is able to foster and strengthen national unity and integrity in the midst of increasingly complex global and domestic challenges.

“The leader must be able to build a national consensus and ensure that the entire Indonesian nation becomes part of the effort to achieve Golden Indonesia 2045,” said an observer on strategic and global issues, Prof. Ambassador Imron Cotan, in the Moya Institute’s national webinar entitled “Proclamation: Opportunities and Challenges for Leaders Towards Indonesia Gold 2045” on Friday, 25 August 2023.

The 2024 presidential election is an opportunity for the Indonesian people to elect a leader who has a strong commitment to national unity and integrity. The leader must be able to build bridges of communication between various community groups, ensure that every voice is heard, and consider common interests in making decisions.

“The presidential election is a crucial moment in determining the direction of Indonesia in the next two decades. Voters should consider a candidate who not only has a clear international vision, but also has a strong commitment to advancing domestic interests,” said Imron.

Chancellor of Jenderal Achmad Yani University, Hikmahanto Juwana, said that “Golden Indonesia 2045” is a big goal to be realized towards the centenary of this Republic. Whoever holds the reins of national leadership must then be able to inflame the spirit and perspective that Indonesia can become a super power country. “In order to achieve this desire, whoever the presidential candidate has been determined by the KPU needs to have a commitment to reject foreign intervention that seeks to control us,” he said.

Reform politician, Fahri Hamzah, stressed that the future leader should continue President Jokowi’s development program, so that there is continuity. This includes the IKN development program. He also believes that Indonesia is currently on a journey towards the ideals written by the nation’s founding fathers in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution. One of the four goals places Indonesia in an international perspective.

“This country is designed to be a global player. Shortly after the Proclamation, we became global players, for example with the Asian-African Conference which inspired the nations of the world. Don’t forget, one of the goals of this nation is global, namely to implement world order based on freedom, eternal peace and social justice,” said Fahri.

General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah, Prof. Abdul Mu’ti, argues that there are four sovereignties that are important to be strengthened to achieve “Golden Indonesia 2045”. First, political sovereignty whose substance is self-determination, according to the 1945 Constitution. Second, territorial sovereignty to optimize everything contained in Indonesia’s land. Third, cultural sovereignty which shows that we have unique characteristics and characteristics as an Indonesian nation. Finally, sovereignty is an international position to create world peace

“In order for these four sovereignties to become the foundation towards ‘Golden Indonesia 2045’, the supporting strength lies in human resources, namely an educated population, a strong economy, and having visionary leaders who are able to maximize Indonesia’s bargaining power in the international world,” he said. For this reason, the new government’s program must be sustainable, not changed and start from zero again, concluded Mu’ti.

Executive Director of the Moya Institute, Hery Sucipto, said that Indonesia must be able to produce quality and superior national leaders in every era of government. According to Hery, a strong capital that must be owned by future leaders is the ability to create, maintain, and foster national unity and integrity.

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