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UN Secretary General Fully Supports Indonesia’s G20 Presidency


By: Panji Saputra)*

The Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) gave very full support for the implementation of the Indonesian G20 Presidency. This support is given because of Indonesia’s efforts to continue to encourage the acceleration of global recovery in the midst of difficult conditions like now.

Some time ago, there was a meeting held directly at the Headquarters of the United Nations, New York, United States, between the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto and the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres.

Many things were discussed by the two figures, some of which were about how the geopolitical dynamics that occurred had an impact on geoeconomics, including the impact of the global crisis. Not to forget, Coordinating Minister Airlangga conveyed what the developments and preparations for the G20 Summit in Bali were like.

Welcoming the visit made by the Coordinating Minister for the Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, Antonio then stated that his party fully supports the implementation of the Indonesian G20 Presidency. He explained that the United Nations has full solidarity to support Indonesia’s leadership in the international arena. In fact, he also had time to give appreciation to this nation that all the things that have been done so far have become extraordinary diplomatic achievements even in the midst of uncertain global conditions like now.

Not only amazed and appreciative that Indonesia was able to achieve great diplomatic achievements in the midst of difficult global conditions, but even steps from the country to be able to lead international state forums and even prepare to be able to answer all the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

Secretary General Guterres also expressed his sympathy and concern for the various global challenges that occurred during Indonesia’s leadership at the G20, which are currently taking place in world geopolitical instability, multidimensional crises, and the recovery process after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Secretary General of the United Nations took the time to convey developments in various sectors including finance, climate change,  emerging economies  and the energy transition, in which Indonesia is also involved. The UN Secretary General also asked for support from Indonesia and other large developing countries such as Brazil, India, and South Africa to take strategic steps in overcoming the impact of  climate change. So far, the United Nations has communicated and provided support to the issue of  climate change , and in the future it is ready to deepen collaboration with the G20 on this important issue.

For information, the G20 Presidency of Indonesia itself does oversee three issues that are prioritized to be discussed; The first issue is regarding the global health architecture because the world has just been hit by a storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, so of course there must be many ways to prevent the pandemic from happening again in the future.

Coordinating Minister Airlangga also added that Indonesia even in the G20 President succeeded in making a proposal regarding the Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF), which was intended as a preparedness, prevention and response fund for a pandemic with a total fund of up to US$1.4 billion.

Then the second issue that is prioritized to be discussed in the G20 is regarding the transition to sustainable energy because so far almost all countries in the world still continue to use fossil-based energy, which is limited in nature and the processing process can produce carbon dioxide so it is not good for environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, other priority issues discussed were related to digital and economic transformation. this is considered to be a very important thing because indeed in today’s era it cannot be denied that everything is very important to be able to adapt to the development of modern digital technology. In fact, almost all aspects of human life must play a role in the digital sector.

If every country is able to carry out digital transformation, then of course the main jargon of the sustainability of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, namely ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’ will be easier to achieve because with that, automatically no more countries will be left behind and all can face recovery. together.

Indonesia too, according to the General Chair of the Golkar Party, in carrying out its role as the G20 Presidency, continues to coordinate global policies that contribute to a more balanced world governance, encourage the G20 to be more adaptive to crises, and fight for national interests in global forums.

It turns out that there are many more things that Indonesia can be proud of in the eyes of the world, especially with regard to the G20 Summit. Coordinating Minister Airlangga was proud of how the nation’s success in maintaining the food supply shows that Indonesia’s food security is indeed very strong.

Despite being hit by many threats and world-class risks, including the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in fact, Indonesia’s food security is in a surplus condition. This is caused by a large amount of food production and also the availability of fertilizer in the future which is very abundant.

With the various successes and also the hard efforts that have been made by Indonesia in order to lead the G20 Summit, the UN Secretary General gives very full support for the ongoing G20 Presidency of Indonesia because the goal is to continue to encourage world recovery in the midst of the threat of a multidimensional crisis.

)* Author is Nusantara Reading Room

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