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Papua is legally an inseparable part of the Republic of Indonesia, there is no room for separatism


By: Vina Gunawan *)

Papua is an important part that will not be separated from the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) forever. The people in Papua have an important role in realizing national peace and rejecting all forms of separatist movements. That way, security and tranquility will be created on Earth of Cenderawasih.

The conflict in Papua is not the only challenge in maintaining Indonesian unity. A firm attitude towards territorial integrity must also be prioritized as part of efforts to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia, one of which is by rejecting separatism in order to maintain the identity and sustainability of the Indonesian nation.

Chair of Strategic Papua Analysis (APS), Laus Rumayom, said that according to international law it is clear that Papua is a legitimate legal part of the Republic of Indonesia. In terms of international politics, it can also be studied and understood regarding the history of Papua, that when Papua experienced a period of transition, it was very clear that Papua was an integral region of this country, Indonesia.

In this way, the Government has a great opportunity to develop Papua so that it can be more advanced, modern, safe, and of course with an appropriate legal basis. This development is important to ensure that there is no inequality between Papua and other regions in Indonesia, including becoming a very strong foundation for catching up with all things left behind in Papua.

Papua, with its natural beauty and wealth of natural resources, must be maintained very well. This is a big challenge that must be faced because Papua is one of the regions in Indonesia that is the center of attention at both the national and international levels. Many parties want to separate Papua and even take Papua from Indonesia, one of which is the Papuan Terrorist Separatist Group (KST Papua) which wants Papua to be independent.

Meanwhile, Laus Rumayom said that, apart from looking at it from the Papuan KST context, it is necessary to explore the possibility that there are foreign parties who have interests behind the Papuan conflict. In other words, these foreign parties deliberately want to separate Papua from Indonesia for certain interests, for example wanting to exploit the abundant natural resources in Papua. These foreign parties could be America, China, Russia, Australia, or perhaps other countries that have an interest in natural resources in Papua.

It is important to know that independence from Indonesia will destroy the values ​​of unity and unity that are embedded in Pancasila. Therefore, the Government emphasizes that Papua is a legitimate part of the Republic of Indonesia, and there is no room for separatist groups.

To create a prosperous Papua, we must prioritize the spirit of diversity and unity. Mutual respect, listening and dialogue must be the basis for resolving the conflict in Papua. Good development management is also one of the foundations for resolving the problem of separatism in Papua, provided that it must be supported by all elements of Papuan society. In this way, the Papuan people can move forward as a strong and united nation in realizing a prosperous and dignified Indonesia.

Laus Rumayom added that conflict management that can be done is by strengthening peace studies and conflict resolution studies where these studies can become guidance or instructions for building civil society in Papua and understanding the true meaning behind the conflict in Papua. This peace study can also be a concept that helps the Papuan people see a conflict that occurs from another perspective or point of view, such as from a religious perspective, the perspective of traditional leaders, or the perspective of existing communities in society.

Papuan independence is the desire of the Papuan Terrorist Separatist Group (KST Papua) or certain parties who want to divide Indonesia, not the desire of the Papuan people themselves. There is no guarantee for the local community if Papua separates from Indonesia, because the massive development of Papua carried out by the Government has greatly advanced Papua in various aspects, such as infrastructure, health, public services and education.

In this regard, it is important for the Indonesian people, especially the Papuan people, not to be provoked by the efforts made by a handful of groups who want to separate Papua from Indonesia. It is appropriate for all elements of society to work together to maintain Papua’s sovereignty as part of the Republic of Indonesia. That way, the Government can continue development and keep the Land of Papua safe and peaceful.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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