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Young Papuan Intellectual in the Papua Pegunungan Charles Kossay: DOB Papua is Good for the Progress and Welfare of the Papuan People


Jakarta – Young Papuan Mountains intellectual Charles Kossay said that the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua, which consists of the provinces of Central Papua, South Papua, Southwest Papua and Mountains Papua, has good benefits for the progress and welfare of the Papuan people.

“I see that the expansion of Papua is very good for the welfare of indigenous Papuans,” said Charles Kossay when met in Jakarta, Monday 18/9/2023.

According to him, with the Papua region being so vast and large, there needs to be expansion to shorten the vulnerability of government administrative control, and meet the needs of the Papuan people in various sectors.

“Moreover, Papua is very vast and large, so there needs to be expansion to reduce the vulnerability of government administrative control and also to the needs of the indigenous Papuan community in the economic, education, infrastructure and health sectors as mandated by the Papua Special Autonomy Law,” said Charles.

Young intellectual Charles Kossay assesses that currently Joko Widodo’s government is very serious about developing Papua, including the expansion of the Papua region through 4 new autonomous regions in Papua. Apart from that, Charles Kossay also invited all elements of society in Papua to work together to build the progress of Bumi Cendrawasih.

“As a young Papuan and Indonesia’s golden generation, I am very optimistic that President Joko Widodo’s government is currently very serious about developing the Land of Papua, so that all the components in the Land of Papua work together to build the progress of the Land of Papua,” said Charles Kossay.

Meanwhile, his party stated that the source of the obstacles to development in Papua was the Separatist Terrorist Group or better known as KST Papua. The KST Papua action has also resulted in civilian casualties, including the murder of Papuan female activist Michelle Kurisi. In this way, Kossay wants the security forces to be able to eradicate KST Papua and arrest the killer of Michelle Kurisi who came from KST Papua.

“I see that the obstacle to the development of Tanah Papua is the KST group, so we hand everything over to law enforcement officials so that they can secure and monitor the situations that occur in Tanah Papua, including arresting the perpetrator of the murder of Michelle Kurisi and processing it according to the applicable law.” , he concluded.

The Papuan Mountains intellectual hopes that with the existence of the Papua Special Region, Papua can be even more advanced and catch up with other provinces in Indonesia.

“My hope is that with the existence of this new new autonomous region, Papua will be more advanced and better, the same as other provinces in Indonesia,” he said.

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