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Government Emphasizes Regional Heads  to Optimize Special Autonomy for Papua


By : Maria Suhiap )*

The government, through the Steering Committee for the Acceleration of Development of Special Autonomy for Papua (BP3OKP), asks and continues to emphasize that local regional heads can focus on how to implement the strategic program for Special Autonomy in Papua.

The regional government in nine districts or cities in Bumi Cenderawasih continues to emphasize that they can focus more on paying attention to the implementation of the four Papua Special Autonomy strategic programs. It is known that these four programs themselves are aspirations to create a Healthy Papua, Smart Papua, Productive Papua and Peaceful Papua.

All of this should continue to be included in the master plan to accelerate development in Bumi Cenderawasih starting from the period 2021 to 2041. In order to confirm these instructions, BP3OPK made direct visits to local districts or cities.

Reverend Albert Yoku, a respected religious figure in Papua, said that there really needs to be attention from the Regent or Mayor to several policies and also how regional programs can increasingly utilize Papua’s special autonomy (Otsus) funds to become more optimal.

As one example, it cannot be denied that Papua itself is very well known as an area in the Republic of Indonesia that has abundant natural resources (SDA), but in fact on the other hand, the indigenous Papuan people (OAP) themselves still there are those who struggle in a life of poverty.

Therefore, this should immediately become a serious step in accelerating development and also continuing to focus on the four strategic programs that can be implemented in the special autonomous region in Bumi Cenderawasih.

Another problem that should also be able to be addressed is related to the large number of stunting cases in various camps, so it is necessary to receive special attention as soon as possible from the local Regional Government (Pemda).

Then during their visit, BP3OKP also found that in various districts in the easternmost province of the country there was still a lack of management arrangements for good governance, especially in the management of their regional finances.

Therefore, Pastor Yoku, who was also the former Chair of the SKI Synod, requested that the relationship between the bureaucracy and the legislature in the Regency or City in Papua need to be harmonized so that all policies at the regional level that are issued, especially those related to the Papua Special Autonomy program, can then run in accordance. with what the hopes and goals of society are.

Not only that, but the existence of work communication between subordinates and superiors also needs to be further improved, so that it further supports the success of various government programs for the welfare of the indigenous Papuan community (OAP).

Specifically for the program regarding Peaceful Papua itself, BP3OKP also revealed that the whole thing has become a very serious concern of the central government, which has always been trying to bring about peace in the Land of Papua. Because according to him, all parties who live and work in the area have the same obligation, namely to be able to work together to create a land of Papua that is safe and full of peace.

Meanwhile, in commemoration of Special Autonomy Day (Otsus), the Southwest Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) also held a Road Show for the Handover of Stunting and Extreme Poverty Program Assistance to Regencies or Cities in Southwest Papua Province.

The assistance provided is in the form of a guarantee for the First Thousand Days of Life (Guava of Life) with contents including various kinds of nutritious food ingredients for pregnant women and toddlers as well as contact materials and incentives for local nutrition instructors or posyandu.

As is known, the implementation of special autonomy (Otsus) in Papua itself has been going on for 22 years. The priority so far has been to place greater emphasis on special autonomy so that it can focus on achieving the welfare of all indigenous Papuans (OAP), especially being able to overcome problems in the education and health sectors. The reason is, so far the problems of extreme poverty and stunting are still quite disturbing problems there.

Not half-heartedly, even the South West Papua Provincial Government itself in 2023 has allocated funds of up to 112 billion Rupiah to tackle stunting, the condition of failure to thrive in children due to chronic malnutrition, recurrent infections and lack of stimulation.

The Regional Government is also building their strong commitment together through the Stunting Rembuk Program to be able to formulate various strategic and measurable steps to further accelerate the reduction in the number of stunting cases in Bumi Cenderawasih.

Emphasis on each regional head is indeed necessary so that they can all continue to focus on fully monitoring how the Papua Special Autonomy strategic program is implemented to further create a prosperous and advanced Papua.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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