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IKN Nusantara Opens Business Opportunities and Employment


By : Indra Fajar Mahendra )*

The National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago will have a positive impact on the people of Kalimantan. Since IKN was built, it has brought many business opportunities, especially for MSME business owners. Apart from that, the existence of the IKN will open up many jobs in East Kalimantan, so that people’s income will be stable, even increase.

Indonesia made new history by moving its capital city from DKI Jakarta to North Penajam Paser, East Kalimantan. IKN which is named ‘Nusantara’ is very strategic because it is in the middle of this country. Nusantara is predicted to become an ultra-modern city and the pride of Indonesia, because its design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly.

The development of the Archipelago IKN area will become the engine of the economy in all sectors including MSMEs. Economic improvement is one of the goals that will be pursued in the archipelago. IKN will open up various business opportunities and employment opportunities at the same time.

Panglima Langit, Head of the DPC Gepak Balikpapan Black Cloak, Mulya Wahyudi, said that his party supports and welcomes the IKN in East Kalimantan, because it opens up job and business opportunities for people in Balikpapan. IKN Nusantara also triggers the development of MSMEs, tourism and other businesses, thereby increasing the economy of the people of East Kalimantan, especially for Balikpapan residents. 

Mulya added, he was very proud that East Kalimantan had been chosen as the State Capital of Indonesia. We, the Black Cloak Organization of Gepak DPC Balikpapan, are ready to oversee the development of the Archipelagic National Institute, together with the Indonesian National Police and other agencies involved in the development of the National Archipelagic National Institute.

In a sense, the development of the Nusantara IKN is welcomed because it will open up business opportunities. Not only in Penajam Paser Utara, but also in Balikpapan. In Kalimantan, especially East Kalimantan, it will be more crowded and very good for entrepreneurs because their consumers will increase.

For example, for typical Kalimantan souvenir entrepreneurs. They can sell beaded bags with Dayak motifs, t-shirts with the IKN Nusantara logo, or other products, then offer them to travelers in Balikpapan and North Penajam Paser. Local tourists are interested and then buy them because these souvenirs are very unique and the price is not too expensive.

Then, there are also culinary business opportunities and the prospects are very good, because there are a lot of workers in building construction projects in IKN. They can buy food at stalls made by East Kalimantan residents. The welfare of culinary business owners is also increasing.

One businessman in the culinary field who saw his profits increase drastically when the IKN was being built was Azis, the owner of a fried rice shop. Its turnover has doubled since there was development in the Archipelago IKN area. Azis stated that previously he only ran out of 5 kg of rice, now it is 10 kg, and has changed drastically since the last two-three months, thank God.

Azis, who hails from Brebes, started his business in the archipelago 8 months ago. Many workers came to build the IKN and they bought the fried rice he made. Azis hopes that the construction of the Nusantara National Institute of Science, which has been going on for a long time, can run smoothly. Until finally, it has an economic impact on both businesses.

Meanwhile, the development of the Nusantara National Institute of Sciences also had a positive impact because it added jobs, especially in North Penajam Paser, Sepaku, Balikpapan and its surroundings. If in East Kalimantan a mall and new buildings are built that will support the center of the Indonesian government, it will need a lot of workers. This will reduce unemployment and automatically overcome the people’s economy. They get a salary and are free from poverty.

It is hoped that this will spread to other regions, because there will be collaboration between regions. For example, when there is infrastructure development in Kalimantan, workers are brought in from Nusa Tenggara and other areas. So that they also get sustenance from the development of the project. This will reduce the number of unemployed throughout Indonesia. 

Moving the capital city is something that should be appreciated. According to senior economist Kwik Kian Gie, this transfer will reduce economic inequality because there is a new economic center in Indonesia. This is done by building new business centers.

In a sense, if there is a new business center, people in eastern Indonesia can go directly to Kalimantan to do business. You don’t need to go to Jakarta a little bit, because Kalimantan is also quite complete. In addition to reducing transportation costs, it is also easier. Because it will motivate people in Kalimantan and its surroundings to do entrepreneurship.

There is no economic disparity between eastern and western Indonesia, because both regions are equally developed. When there is equity, then hopefully all Indonesian citizens will be more prosperous, because there is modernity, infrastructure, and fast money circulation in their own regions.

IKN Nusantara will open business opportunities and employment, not only in North Penajam Paser but also in Balikpapan and its surroundings. With an increasingly crowded area, it is very potential because there are more and more consumers. For culinary, souvenir and other goods businesses, their turnover and income will increase rapidly.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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