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Infrastructure Development in Papua in the Jokowi Era Was Appreciated by Many Parties


By :  Moses Waker _)*

President Jokowi’s government is building infrastructure in Papua very rapidly, starting from the Trans-Papua Road to the Papua Bangkit Stadium. Infrastructure development is appreciated by many parties because it can advance the Earth of Cendrawasih. Papua must indeed be developed so that there is equity from Sabang to Merauke. Therefore the people of Papua are very grateful to President Jokowi for being so concerned about them.

Cendrawasih Earth is rich in stunning natural beauty. President Jokowi’s government has further beautified Papua by building various infrastructures. The community really appreciates the development there, because the Cendrawasih Land is getting more advanced and neatly and beautifully arranged.

Many parties have also praised Papua’s infrastructure development in the era of President Jokowi. A resident of Welarek Village, Yalimo Regency, Anis Wayag, appreciated the acceleration of infrastructure development in Papua by the central government. One of them is the construction of the Trans-Papua road.

Anis said, before the infrastructure existed, it took him up to a month to walk from his village to Elelim, the capital city of Yalimo. After the Trans-Papua Road was built, it was enough to travel in a day.

Since the Trans-Papua Road was completed, the people of Papua can save time and energy when traveling. They are very grateful to President Jokowi for building good roads and facilitating their mobility. Any work becomes smooth thanks to this road.

Since the beginning, the central government has prioritized infrastructure development in Papua, especially the Trans-Papua road. This is to facilitate access for the community in carrying out their activities.

For traders, the existence of the Trans-Papua road can save shipping costs for goods and fuel oil (BBM) because goods arrive quickly. That way, they get more profit.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of Barisan Merah Putih Papua Province Wusabek Wantik appreciated the infrastructure development carried out during President Jokowi’s administration in Papua. Access to transportation in the provinces of Papua and West Papua is good and is not inferior to that in Java.

Wusabek Wantik continued, currently the road conditions have started to be normal and good. Land, sea and air transportation activities have returned to normal. The markets are also busy. He appreciated President Jokowi’s steps in building infrastructure in Papua so well that it facilitated mobility and boosted the people’s economy.

The new roads and bridges built by the central government have also made it easier for the Papuan people to gain access to health facilities. They can come to the community health center (puskesmas) or hospital more quickly.

Thus, accident victims or seriously ill residents can be treated quickly. Midwives can also treat pregnant women more quickly so they can reduce the mortality rate for pregnant women in Papua.

Meanwhile, Yane Ansanay, an academic from Cendrawasih University, is satisfied with developments in Cendrawasih Earth. He was grateful because the government under President Jokowi continued to make infrastructure development in Papua. 

The Youtefe Bridge is not only a display, but facilitates transportation to the border with Papua New Guinea. More and more local tourists stop by this red bridge, thus making tourism in Papua more crowded. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism sector in Bumi Cendrawasih began to be dynamic again, and was supported by the infrastructure built during President Jokowi’s era.

The Trans Papua road stretches for more than 4,000 KM making it easier for residents to transport. They don’t have to walk through the jungle or rely on ridiculously expensive planes. But can cross this road safely. Even when it was inaugurated, President Jokowi immediately tested the strength of this road with a dirt bike.

The community really appreciates the development in Papua. They are happy because President Jokowi pays so much attention to the Cendrawasih Land region, he is even listed as the head of state who has visited Papua the most. The president loves Papua and he wants development in the eastern region of Indonesia to be as good as in the western region.

The success of development in Papua deserves appreciation, because it proves the government’s seriousness in overcoming various problems there. Starting from modernity, equity in development, to approaches to civilians when new infrastructure is to be built. So that they understand that all this is for the welfare of the people.

President Jokowi wants equal distribution of infrastructure development from Sabang to Merauke. Therefore, development in the Papua region continues. Only with development, will there be equal progress between Java and Papua. Don’t let the people of Cendrawasih Earth be unable to enjoy modernity and feel injustice.

Papua’s infrastructure development during President Jokowi’s administration was appreciated by many parties. Ranging from civilians to academics, they praised the construction of the Trans-Papua Road, Youtefa Bridge, and other infrastructure that makes people’s lives easier. Papua will be more advanced thanks to massive development.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Makassar

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