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Organize Webinars, Communi&Co and Expert Values ​​The Creation Law is Made for the People


Jakarta – The Communi&Co Institute is holding a webinar discussing the importance of ratifying the Job Creation Law (UU) for the Community.

The Webinar was also attended by an Economic Observer at the University of Indonesia, Fithra Faisal; Staff of the Minister of State Secretary, Faldo Maldini; Secretary General (Secretary General) of the HIPMI Central Executive Board (BPP), Anggawira; and the Founder of the Indonesian Communication Smart Movement (GCKI) Ellys L Pambayun

University of Indonesia Economic Observer, Fithra Faisal explained that the Ciptaker Law is one of the most important pillars to continue to drive export figures to national economic growth.

Not only that, he also considered that the law was able to absorb labor and to escape the economic trap.

“The Ciptaker Law was able to create the widest possible employment opportunities, besides that it was also able to increase the economic growth target at a minimum, so that Indonesia would be free from the middle-class economy,” he said in a Webinar that was held on Friday (14/4).

So far, added Fithra, investors still do not have clear legal products when they invest in Indonesia.

“Therefore, we really need a legal umbrella in a short time, one of which is through the ratification of the Ciptaker Law,” continued Fithra.

Meanwhile, the Special Staff for the Minister of State Secretary, Faldo Maldini, revealed the background to the presence of the Ciptaker Law in connection with the large number of overlapping regulations which were exacerbated due to the phenomenon of global economic uncertainty.

“The world is currently also experiencing a crisis of economic uncertainty, including the role of Ukraine and Russia, so there is a dire need for regulations that are really clear about all of this,” he said.

The staff at the State Secretary also straightened out information that the Ciptaker Law was not pro-labor. He stated that the issue was not true because labor unions could still speak freely.

“Regarding TKA and TKI, it turns out that all of them have clear and regulated rules regarding the time, for them to transfer knowledge, when the time provided is over, they will return to their country of origin.” he added

Not only that, Faldo also answered another issue regarding the minimum wage. According to him, the minimum wage in the Ciptaker Law was made to create equity in all regions.

On the same occasion, Secretary General of BPP HIPMI Anggawira explained that, based on his view, the Ciptaker Law was a legal breakthrough to overcome the current economic challenges.

“I see what the Government and DPR RI are doing this time trying to solve all the challenges and problems that currently exist. We must be able to solve the economic challenges comprehensively.” he explained

Anggawira added that the Ciptaker Law is an excellent product because it can synchronize one law with another so that it can create a regulation and others.

“The output of the Ciptaker Law is indeed to be able to simplify the bureaucracy, so that business operations can be much more effective and efficient,” he said.

Furthermore, Anggawira considered that the formulation of the Ciptaker Law was also in accordance with procedures and involved many parties.

“Involvement of all stakeholders has also been carried out in the preparation of the task force and also in their respective fields,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Founder of the Indonesian Intelligent Communication Movement (GCKI) Ellys L Pambayun pushed for improved communication regarding the Ciptaker Law, considering that the Government had conducted a lot of socialization.

“The public still perceives it poorly, therefore the Government’s communication pattern actually has to be improved, that is, not too linear.” he explained.

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