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Regional Expansion in Papua Optimizes Services to the Community


By : Liben Misael )* 

The regional expansion or New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua aims to provide optimal services to the community because it will be closer to the center of government. The addition of new new autonomous regions in Papua will also open up access to development which will have a welfare impact on the Papuan people. Because, so far only the two provinces of Papua and West Papua have been the focus of development. Apart from that, access to transportation from the district to the province is also very limited.

Member of the DPR RI from the Electoral District (Dapil) of Papua, Mesakh Mirin, said that regional expansion aims to bring services closer to the welfare of the people in Papua. Having a new autonomous region in Papua will provide hope for equitable development. The Papua expansion policy is a mandate and implementation of Law (UU) Number 2 of 2021 concerning Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua, specifically Article 76.

Thus, the main foundation for this expansion must guarantee and provide space for indigenous Papuans. It is hoped that the regulations created can become a concrete legal umbrella, especially in the implementation of governance in the early stages and in the following periods in the three provinces.

The existence of this new autonomous region is a golden opportunity for generations in Papua to be able to obtain better prosperity. Therefore, his party continues to invite parties in the Papua Mountains to support the existing development process.

It is hoped that the existence of a new province in Papua will encourage access to services to the community to become faster and more massive. With the expansion, there will be the appointment of new governors in each new province so that the people will be more protected.

In fact, the Papuan people have qualified workers with a variety of reliable skills and knowledge to support company performance. So, it is not impossible that Papuan young people will become the nation’s reliable next generation

On a different occasion, General Chairperson of the Papua Indigenous Youth DPN Jan Christian Arebo said that the Papua DOB was an extraordinary policy provided by the government to build community welfare. It is believed that Papua’s new autonomous region will be able to absorb the human resources of indigenous people more optimally. 

Implementing the Papua Special Region is the most appropriate way to optimize services to the indigenous Papuan community, as well as realizing the government’s efforts to equalize development.

Progress after the development of new autonomous regions is because people will be closer to public service centers, and of course this will be followed by the construction of other facilities such as health centers, terminals and various facilities that can be used by the community. The government’s main task is to serve the community, so that the development of new autonomous regions is an effort to speed up the service process in Papua.

Development in Papua must continue to be encouraged, because it can stimulate progress which also has an impact on improving the quality of everything. The acceleration of new autonomous development will of course provide new opportunities for local people to develop their potential. The development of new autonomous regions also aims to divide regional government tasks into increasingly specific areas and focus on areas far from the center of government.

It is hoped that this DOB development effort will be able to reduce the distance people travel so that the Papuan people can save money, time and energy when they want to access public facilities. Moreover, every new province that is formed, all of them have their own offices and public service centers, so that it will make things easier for the community.

The government wants at least 80 percent of ASN in Papua to be native Papuans, so that improvements in community welfare can truly be realized. Equitable development must be carried out because it is not only Jayapura, Merauke or Wamena that are getting a touch of modernization. But it also reached Yahukimo and other areas in Papua. Development must be carried out to remote areas so that people feel the benefits.

Infrastructure created in the context of equitable development is not just roads and bridges. But also electricity, internet networks and various other facilities. Society will progress in various fields because it gets support from the government, and Papuans will no longer be identified with traditional life.

On a different occasion, Muhammad Ridwan Rudalamun as Daily Executive (Plh) Governor of Papua realized his commitment to encourage the acceleration of development in the new autonomous region. This commitment is demonstrated by handing over the use of the Program Information System (Bangga Papua) and other Sharing Application Systems to the government of Southwest Papua Province, in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the old age protection program (PAITUA) which is a social protection program as well as the implementation of an Electronic Based Government System (SPBE). This handover is also proof that Papua has made progress.

In this system, there are features that make it easier to manage data, schedule distribution to beneficiaries and report. This system also has the ability to integrate data with distribution agency information systems and/or other information systems, thereby enabling more holistic analysis and more precise decision making.

In terms of DOB development, the PUPR Ministry of course does not act alone, but also coordinates with various parties so that DOB development can run optimally.

The Government’s strong desire, which includes human resource development, infrastructure development, and support for fair development policies for the interests of the Papuan people, is the main capital for developing the prosperity of the Land of Papua.

All of these things were presented in the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet era. In this way, Papua can immediately become a region that is economically and humanly advanced, with a prosperous community life.

)* The author is a student at Bina Insani University

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