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Rempang Project to Improve Community Welfare


By: Andika Pratama

The Rempang Project has brought positive changes to Indonesian society through improving the economy and welfare of Indonesian society. With continued efforts and ongoing attention to this project, Indonesia has great potential to become a leader in the spice industry at a global level and promote greater societal prosperity.

With an estimated investment of IDR 381 trillion, Rempang Eco-City is expected to improve the quality of life and welfare of Rempang-Galang residents. Even during the development stage, the community’s economy is expected to grow through micro, small and medium economic activities.

Chairman of the Indonesian Malay World Islamic World (DMDI), Datuk H Said Aldi Al Idrus, said that his party supports investment on Rempang Island. According to him, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has certainly thought about, considered and even prepared the best steps for the community whenever they want to open investment on the land. Water. For this reason, he appealed to the community and figures outside Rempang not to provoke the people of Rempang and should support government programs for the progress and welfare of the Indonesian nation.

With the many benefits offered by this project, of course it must receive support from all parties, including the Rempang community itself. This is proven by the large number of people who are willing to relocate for the smooth running of the project which is predicted to improve community welfare, especially in the economic sector. 

Minister of Investment/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadalia, said that currently around 500 heads of families or KK on Rempang Island are willing to be relocated from the Rempang Eco City project. This record is more than half of the total of 900 families in the area that the government wants to move to a new area on Rempang Island.

Bahlil emphasized that the investment plan would continue according to the plans set by the government. He targets that investment can be realized immediately to accelerate downstream efforts to develop the domestic solar panel industry.

The 10 projects include the construction of an integrated industrial area, the construction of a silica sand processing factory, a soda ash industrial project, and a solar panel glass industry. Then, invest in projects for the float glass industry, industrial grade silicon industry, polysilicon industry, crystal processing industry, solar cell and module industry and infrastructure industry.

The government has determined five priority locations that will shift in the first phase of Rempang Eco-City development. The priority locations include the villages of Pasir Panjang, Blongkeng, Sembulang Hulu, Sembulang Tanjung and Pasir Merah. In total, in these five villages there are 961 families.

Some residents who previously refused to move have stated that they agree to move and will soon occupy temporary housing. Of all the families in the five villages, 341 families have voluntarily stated that they want to make the shift.

The government’s serious steps in carrying out the Rempang project were seen when the Batam Business Agency (BP) collaborated with the Riau Islands (Kepri) Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) to provide assistance in implementing accelerated investment in Rempang Eco City.

BP Batam Area Management and Investment Division Member Sudirman Saad said this was done to accelerate investment in Rempang Eco City by mitigating risks or risk management and creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Assistance by BPKP is very necessary so that the steps that will be carried out by the party technically in accelerating investment can be carried out in accordance with standards of accountability, transparency and based on applicable regulations. The assistance will be carried out for 20 working days, from 16 October to 30 November 2023.

All the steps that have been taken by the Indonesian Government so that investment on Rempang Island can run well. This is because investment on Rempang Island will clearly be very supportive in improving the national economy, in particular being able to improve the welfare and economic level of the local community. Alone. Very firmly and clearly, the government’s support is aimed at all local communities in the Rempang area.

The existence of investment from various parties to Indonesia, especially in the Rempang Area development project, is indeed a very important thing to do and continues to be supported by all parties in society. The reason is, with this investment, it is also able to improve the country’s economy and also the economy of the community itself.

With the various benefits it offers, the Rempang project has had a significant positive impact on Indonesia. This is not only about improving the economy, but also about improving the welfare of the people in this country. With continued attention to this project, Indonesia can continue to develop and become a leader in the industry at a global level.

)* The writer is one of Uhamka’s undergraduate students

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