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The 44th AIPA General Assembly in Jakarta Brings Sustainable and Comprehensive Economic Growth


Chair of the BKSAP Regional Cooperation Desk at the DPR RI, Putu Supadma Rudana, said that the AIPA General Assembly must be a valuable moment for Indonesia to strengthen the role of parliamentary diplomacy in the midst of emerging regional challenges.

He stated this in a series of BKSAP run and ride activities in welcoming the 44th AIPA session on Friday (28/7/2023).

“By hosting for the 7th time, of course we hope that Indonesia will be able to exert influence in both the ASEAN region and the Asia-Pacific region,” he said.

Putu said that the AIPA session this time will raise the theme of a responsive parliament for a stable and prosperous ASEAN, whose concept is more green economy.

“So, what is the role of parliament that is more responsive to overseeing the stability and prosperity of the Southeast Asian region where the green economy is the main reference,” he said.

According to him, this activity demonstrated Indonesia’s commitment to encouraging ASEAN to work more intensively and collaboratively in implementing a green economy and overcoming various regional challenges related to society, the environment and growth.

For this reason, various supports are needed from various aspects in implementing the green economy concept as a step in regional economic growth.

“The 44th AIPA General Assembly is our momentum to show that Indonesia is very capable of leading the region and providing inspiration and motivation for ASEAN countries,” he said.

On another occasion, DPR Member Luluk Nur Hamidah welcomed the DPR’s initiative to recommend increasing the quota for women’s representation in local and national government level positions at the 44th AIPA General Assembly.

“It is important when we bring this issue up at the ASEAN level so that the status of women’s representation within ASEAN can also be much improved,” said Luluk.

“Hopefully there are recommendations that can be agreed upon and become an agenda that all governments at the ASEAN level need to follow up on,” he continued.

Apart from the matter of increasing women’s representation, Luluk also reminded the importance of commitment to being able to resolve various issues and other agendas that have an important correlation for women. Both related to legislation, as well as other functions.

“Other agendas, other issues that are still an obstacle for women to be able to move forward and participate fully in politics must also become a common agenda,” she concluded.

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