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The Community of Rempang Island Fully Supports the Development of Rempang Eco-City


By : Rangga Dwi Cahya )*

The development of the Rempang Eco-City project has currently received support from the Rempang community. The Rempang community really welcomed the project which was included in the National Strategic Project (PSN), because it was considered to have a big impact on improving the economy in the community and also nationally.

Rempang Eco-City is a development project that aims to create a sustainable city that focuses on environmental protection. This project is located on Rempang Island, Riau Islands. Rempang Eco-City is also expected to become an example for cities around the world in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

The Rempang Eco-City project has received widespread support from the local community and various parties who care about the environment. There are several strong reasons why the community supports this project.

First, better quality of life. The people of Rempang have seen significant changes in their quality of life as the Eco-City project has developed. New facilities, better infrastructure and access to superior public services have improved their living standards.

Second, jobs and economic opportunities. The Rempang Eco-City project will create many significant job opportunities for local residents, both in construction, tourism and other sectors. This will certainly provide economic empowerment to local communities, reduce unemployment levels and improve their standard of living.

Third, involvement in decisions. The Rempang community felt heard and involved in the decision-making process regarding the project. They feel that their aspirations, concerns and needs are taken into account, and this has created a strong sense of ownership towards Rempang Eco-City.

Fourth, environmental concern. The Rempang people have a deep connection with their natural environment. They know very well how important it is to maintain the beauty of their island, including mangrove forests and coastal ecosystems. The Rempang Eco-City project emphasizes environmental conservation and actions aimed at reducing negative impacts on nature.

Fifth, education and awareness. Environmental education and awareness have been an integral part of this project. Through educational programs, Rempang residents increasingly understand their role in maintaining sustainability and protecting their environment.

Meanwhile, Member of Commission VI DPR RI, Herman Khaeron, said that the Rempang Eco-City project is a project that must be supported, because this project will provide great benefits to national economic growth and also the economy of the residents of Rempang Island.

Investment in Rempang Island is very important for the growth of the national economy and the surrounding community. So that the Government continues to synergize with the community to realize this project. Apart from that, the Government is committed to safeguarding people’s rights, cultural rights and the birthright of residents who have lived for generations in Rempang. With this commitment, the government and society can work together to minimize the occurrence of disputes.

The same thing was also said by the Minister of Investment/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board, Bahlil Lahadalia, who said that with an investment value estimated at IDR 381 trillion, Rempang Eco-City is also believed to be able to provide escalation to improve the quality of life and welfare of Rempang residents. Even during the construction period However, it is estimated that the community’s economy can be helped by the activities of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Strategic partnerships between large companies and MSMEs will continue to be developed. Thus, investment entering the region will have a positive impact on the development and economic development of the people. Apart from that, the Rempang Eco-City investment will provide opportunities for local children to obtain their right to receive an integrated and successful education in their own area. Therefore, if this investment is lost, then there will not necessarily be the same opportunities for young people in Rempang to receive industrial vocational education, easy scholarships and become  skilled workers who can  gain career opportunities in their own area.

In terms of infrastructure, Rempang Eco-City will be neatly arranged and become a developed area. Equitable development in Rempang has experienced an escalation and an increase in the quality of life and welfare of residents. Apart from that, the construction of a pier will make it easier for fishing communities to sail and carry out maritime activities. So that the standard of social life in Rempang will grow and become even. The development of the Rempang Eco-City area will also improve ecological and social health in the long term.

The Rempang Eco-City project is a clear example of how the community can play an important role in supporting environmental conservation and sustainable development efforts. With an approach focused on community engagement, education and environmental awareness, this project provides hope for a greener and more sustainable future. Hopefully efforts like this can be an inspiration for cities and communities around the world to take positive action to protect the environment.

In addition, with active involvement, education, and a central role in decision making, the Rempang community has become the driving force behind the success of the project. They are proof that when communities come together for a good cause, they can achieve positive change that impacts both the environment and their own quality of life.

)* The writer is a Batam student living in Jakarta

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