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The Rempang Eco City Project  Provides Many Benefits to the Community


By :  Shenna Aprilya Zahra )*

The investment in Rempang Eco-City is considered to bring many benefits to the community. Moreover, the Government has committed to safeguarding people’s rights, cultural rights and the birthright of residents who have lived for generations in Rempang.

The meeting between the Minister of Investment and Head of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadalia, with figures has apparently found common ground. Bahlil also explained that the Rempang Eco-City investment would continue. It is even estimated that this jumbo investment in the Rempang-Galang area will become a new economic engine for Indonesia.

         With an investment value estimated at Rp. 381 Trillion, Rempang Eco-City is believed to be able to provide escalation to improve the quality of life and welfare of Rempang-Galang residents. Even during the development period, it is estimated that the community’s economy can be helped by micro, small and medium economic activities.

         Head of the Public Relations, Promotion and Protocol Bureau, Ariastuty Sirait, explained that if this investment goes ahead, there will be many positive impacts for the community, the Barelang area and Indonesia on a larger scale. Investment growth in Rempang will also be balanced by the involvement of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

         The woman who is familiarly called Tuty said that MSMEs would be very alive. All of these processes will involve MSMEs. For example, staple food and food businesses that will provide, of course the people there can take a role. Workers don’t need to go far to Batam. MSMEs can enter the global supply chain in order to increase MSMEs’ opportunities to advance in class.

         However, Tuty also hopes that the public will pay attention if this National Strategic Project is hampered, because it will cause many bad performances or negative impacts.

         From this presentation, of course strategic partnerships between large companies and MSMEs will continue to be developed. Thus, investment entering the region will have a positive impact on the development and economic development of the people.

         This investment is very large. The government is competing with neighboring countries to get investments worth 174 T for Xinyi and 381 T for PT. MEG. Meanwhile, the average total investment in Batam alone per year is 13.63 trillion. Tuty also said that Xinyi’s presence could attract other investment, thereby creating a business ecosystem that would have an impact on the region.

         The development carried out will of course continue to prioritize local wisdom. So that not only will the region progress, but the community will also invest in areas that have the potential to cause economic stagnation in the region.

         He also advised that this investment has attracted the attention of a wide audience. Therefore, a number of rejections that occur can make Batam (Indonesia)’s image bad in the world of investment and reduce the level of investor confidence in Batam and the name of Indonesia more broadly.

         Of course, what is no less important is opening up the widest possible employment opportunities for the people of Rempang. With the demographic bonus until 2040, of course the government is obliged to provide the widest possible employment opportunities for the working age generation, which amounts to 70% of the population.

         This investment will of course provide local children with the opportunity to obtain their right to receive an integrated and successful education in their own region.

         If this investment is lost, there will not necessarily be the same opportunities for young people in Rempang to get industrial vocational education, easy scholarships and become workers with qualified skills to gain career opportunities in their own area. Of course they don’t need to go outside the area to look for work.

         The next advantage related to the investment in Rempang Eco City is in terms of infrastructure, where the presence of this investment will make Rempang more orderly, neat and will become a developed area. Equitable development in Rempang will of course experience escalation and an increase in the quality of life and welfare of residents.

         For example, the construction of a pier will certainly make it easier for people who work as fishermen to sail and carry out maritime activities. This will of course support the standard of social life in Rempang which will grow and be evenly distributed.

         Development of the Rempang Eco-City Area will also improve long-term ecological and social health. Moreover, this will be supported by tourism areas that will be developed more optimally, so that this area will not be left behind. This means that the region will continue to progress but will not abandon existing local wisdom.    

`On the other hand, the government’s program will also create legality for residents’ residences in the Rempang and Galang areas. The arrangement of local residential areas will also be integrated with good facilities and infrastructure.

         The government offers many benefits for the Rempang Eco-City Investment plan, this of course needs to be a concern for the people living in Rempang and its surroundings.

)* The author is a contributor to Ruang Baca Nusantara

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