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Indonesia Hosts AIS Summit, Strengthens Commitment and Solidarity to Face Global Challenges


Bali – Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry of Ayodhia GL Kalake said that Indonesia as the first host of the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Summit has a strategic role in strengthening commitment and solidarity in facing global challenges.

“Indonesia has initiated the formation of the AIS Forum since 2017. This AIS Forum was formed to encourage collaboration between island and archipelagic countries throughout the world to jointly overcome the challenges and problems they face, especially in the marine development sector and climate change mitigation and overcoming marine pollution. ,” said Secretary of the Ayodhia Coordinating Ministry GL Kalake in Bali.

Meanwhile, the main aim of the AIS Forum is to strengthen collaboration in overcoming global problems in four main areas, namely climate change mitigation and adaptation, blue economy, handling plastic waste at sea, and good maritime governance. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing resilience to climate change.

In addition to these four areas of cooperation, the AIS Forum also opens the door to collaboration with other platforms and organizations to enrich perspectives and achieve broader global goals. This forum also pays special attention to empowering youth and coastal communities through ideas, creativity and innovative solutions. In this way, AIS can become a new force in the international world.

“If cooperation with AIS countries goes well, AIS will become a force in its own right on the world stage, becoming a multi-regional organization across the oceans. Island and archipelagic countries will play a greater role in the direction of world maritime governance policy. “Through the AIS Forum Indonesia can strategically realize free and active international diplomacy,” explained Coordinating Minister Ayodhia.

“AIS Forum is a unique platform that brings together island and archipelagic countries from various regions. “Our goal is to strengthen commitment and solidarity and encourage collaborative action in order to overcome the common challenges faced by these countries, including facing global problems in four main areas,” said Dr. Abdul Wahib Situmorang (Ucok), Senior Advisor for Climate and Environmental Governance, AIS Program Manager.

On the other hand, the AIS Forum seeks to promote the sustainability of the blue economy. Within this framework, this forum encourages the sustainable use of economic potential related to marine resources. Some of the sectors that are being focused on are tourism, renewable energy, aquaculture and the marine industry, he explained.

Furthermore, the AIS Forum aims to overcome the problem of marine plastic debris or marine plastic waste. “This forum seeks to reduce and prevent plastic pollution in the sea by raising awareness, reducing the use of single-use plastic, and managing plastic waste wisely,” he said.

Finally, through cooperation between participating countries, the AIS Forum aims to strengthen good marine governance, sustainable management of marine areas, and fair and sustainable management of marine resources, he concluded.

“Through the AIS Forum, we aim to promote concrete action, youth engagement and innovative solutions to improve the livelihoods of coastal communities. “Together, we can have a significant impact and achieve global goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030,” said Abdul.

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