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Appreciating Security Forces for Increasing Patrols to Prevent KST Movement


By : Veronica Lokbere )*

Security forces are working hard to secure Papua by conducting patrols. Security has been tightened so that there is no further movement by the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). Don’t let them come again and disturb the community and attack the authorities’ headquarters.

KST is a rebel group in Papua. They served in the field to complete the defection mission and form the Federal Republic of West Papua. People hate KST because they often commit acts of violence and harm civilians.

KST’s actions became increasingly brutal and resulted in casualties. The public condemned the rebel group’s actions because it would harm many people and create prolonged terror in Papua. KST must be eradicated so that Papuans can carry out their activities freely.

To eradicate KST, joint TNI and Polri officers continue to use various methods to narrow their movement in vulnerable areas of Papua. One of them is carrying out sweeping at a number of points, including in the Bintang Mountains Regency.

Most recently, the Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force succeeded in paralyzing 5 KST people in the Bintang Mountains Regency, on September 30 2023. The five KST members were paralyzed because they often caused trouble and disturbed the Papuan people during this time.

According to the Head of the Cartenz Peace Task Force, Kombes Faizal Ramadhani, initially the Cartenz Peace Task Force shot 4 KST people who tried to fight officers while carrying out a sweep. From this incident, joint forces personnel managed to secure 2 long-barreled rifles as evidence. However, after carrying out further sweeping, the authorities also managed to kill another KST member who had a short-barreled rifle.

Meanwhile, Head of the Cartenz Peace Public Relations Task Force AKBP Bayu Suseno said the three rifles confiscated consisted of various types. There are SS1, USA Nouves, and FN short-barreled rifles. Not only that, the authorities also secured several other pieces of evidence such as the Morning Star flag, ammunition, handy-talkies (HT) and cellphones.

KST’s steps in taking firm action against KST members of course need to receive wide appreciation. Not without reason, KST has always had the heart to injure not only the security forces who are trying to protect the people, but also fellow native Papuans. In fact, a Satpol PP member named Simon Petrus Sroyer was also the target of KST cruelty last Tuesday (19/9). Luckily, Peter was able to escape death.

He told of his experience of being intercepted and attacked by the KST group. At that time, Petrus left his house to carry out duties at the regent’s office in the Bintang Mountains. However, on the way, three armed men who were strongly suspected to be KST Bintang Mountains intercepted him. Suddenly, KST members immediately shot at him and grazed his ear. KST was about to shoot Petrus again but the second shot failed to explode. Petrus fought back and the three KST people left.

However, when Petrus was about to get on the motorbike, three other people appeared, fully armed, and wanted to attack him. Petrus then ran away and reported to the TNI Polri post in the GBI Church area. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

Joint personnel patrols from the TNI, Polri, to the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) are of course carried out to secure residents in Papua. First, there is an area that is prone to KST attacks. Second, patrols are mandatory because they are to prevent KST attacks which could be intended to take revenge because some of their members were arrested by the authorities. Residents’ safety must be prioritized, therefore there needs to be regular patrols.

Meanwhile, Jayapura Regency Youth Leader, Nelson Ondi, was furious with KST’s actions which are still happening to this day. KST’s actions should be responded to with firm action by the government. Without that, members of the separatist group will always carry out their actions.

Nelson Ondi’s firm statement followed the endless actions carried out by KST in the area. KST’s atrocities should be met with firm action by the government. That way, KST will stop its actions, even if it has to be done slowly.

The government has made various efforts to counter KST actions, namely by increasing the strength of soldiers, approaching community leaders, cutting off KST logistics, welfare-oriented development and controlling KST bases, especially in the Nduga area.

To protect citizens from KST attacks, this rebel group must be dealt with firmly. The reason is, they often commit serious cases, such as theft and mass murder. If any KST member is caught, they must be tried and receive the most severe punishment as a deterrent effect.

Papuan civilians support KST’s patrols and arrests because they are tired of the various terrors carried out by the separatist group. Apart from physical terror (which makes you afraid of being hit by a stray bullet) there is also mental terror, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

Security forces continue to increase their alertness to protect the Papuan people from KST attacks. To prevent criminal acts and attacks on KST, patrols are carried out, as well as making the atmosphere in Papua more peaceful. The people of Bumi Cendrawasih are grateful to the joint TNI and Polri officers who always work hard so that there are no more KST members roaming around.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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