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Appreciation of Law Enforcement Officials for Taking Firm Action against KST Papua


Law enforcement officials continue to be committed to taking firm action against KST Papua who often commit brutal acts and go against the constitution in Indonesia. The actions of law enforcement officers should be appreciated because they consistently maintain security stability and national conduciveness, especially in Bumi Cenderawasih.

The joint TNI and Polri apparatus took various steps to narrow the space for KST Papua to move in vulnerable areas of Papua. One of them is carrying out patrols at a number of points, including in the Bintang Mountains Regency.

The TNI-Polri recently demonstrated their firmness again in cracking down on KST Papua in the Central Mountains of Papua. The Joint TNI-Polri apparatus, consisting of the Cartenz Peace Task Force, the Yonif 310 Pam Border Task Force, the Mandala Task Force, and the Yapen Task Force, succeeded in taking action against the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) which previously carried out security disturbances, attacks on civilians, arson and shooting in the area. around Oksibil Bintang Mountains, Papua Mountains.

The Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force Team succeeded in paralyzing five Papuan KST members in the Bintang Mountains Regency. The five members were involved in killing Brimob members and robbing Indigenous Papuans (OAP).

The security and public order (Kamtibmas) situation after the attack in Oksibil District is generally safe and under control. Various sectors such as the economy, education and banking are running as usual.

Commander of Kodim (Dandim) 1715 / Yahukimo, Lt. Col. Inf. Tommy Yudistyo said, thanks to the cooperation between the TNI and Polri, it had ensured that the situation was safe and under control, especially in terms of teaching and learning activities, the economy and regional government operations.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chair of the Setya Kita Pancasila Regional Management Council (DPW) for Papua Province, Absalom Kreway Yarisetouw, said that the actions of law enforcement officials against KST Papua were very appropriate and had to be carried out in more detail to secure a peaceful, safe and secure Land of Papua.

Law enforcement officials continue to strive to ensure security so that the public does not feel uneasy about KST Papua. They have also helped the Papuan people a lot in social work and people’s difficulties.

The Papuan people hope that KST will stop brutal actions against the Papuan people. KST’s cruel and violent actions have caused a lot of uproar and created unrest among the Papuan people. Therefore, they support the security forces’ firm steps in dealing with KST.

The KST Papua terror act will only hamper development in Papua which the government is currently continuing to intensify. There have been many concrete actions taken by the central government to increase development in the Land of Papua. Even President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) pays great attention to Bumi Cenderawasih. Moreover, it is supported by law enforcement officers who are very loyal and have high integrity in order to protect the integrity of the nation, especially from the threat of KST Papua.

Appreciation needs to be given to law enforcement officials who have so far helped maintain security and sovereignty in the Land of Papua. Youth, traditional leaders and religious leaders must work together with the TNI/Polri to eradicate Armed Criminal Groups in Papua.

It is time for all Papuan people to focus on hard work, working together, to gain independence, overcome backwardness, and eradicate poverty in order to create prosperity in the land of Papua.

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