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Beware of Provocation, Incidents at PT GNI Morowali Utara Cannot Be Repeated


By: Aldia Putra )*

All parties must continue to increase their self-awareness so that they do not easily receive all kinds of information, especially provocative information on social media, including issues of SARA (ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup). This vigilance is very important in order to prevent cases such as the riot at Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI), North Morowali from recurring.

The incident among workers at PT GNI Morowali Utara, Central Sulawesi occurred on Saturday, 14 January 2023 evening. As a result of the incident , two workers died. The incident began with a demonstration against the company regarding employment issues, work safety and guaranteeing the welfare of employees.

After the incident , National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo stated that as many as dozens of people had been arrested by the police. The perpetrators who were arrested because they were suspected of being the perpetrators of the vandalism, 17 people were suspects.

Furthermore, the National Police Chief explained the origins of the clash, as well as corrected several narratives circulating on social media regarding the clash at PT GNI, North Morowali, which stated that the riot occurred because of the beating of Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) by Foreign Workers. (TKA).

Firmly, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo stated that the information spread on social media was fake news (hoax). He then explained that the incident that actually occurred was initiated by an invitation to carry out a strike accompanied by coercion.

Because the strike action initiated by a number of workers was carried out by force, it was rejected by a number of other workers who admitted that they still wanted to work at that time. Then from the pros and cons actions, finally there was a clash between the two groups of workers with differences of opinion.

It turned out that the clash incident was taken advantage of by several parties who deliberately uploaded it on social media so that it went viral with another narrative, namely as if the rioting occurred because of provocation and beatings by TKA against TKI.

Regarding the incident that occurred at PT GNI, the Regent of North Morowali (Morut), Delis Julkasson Hehi firmly condemned the occurrence of an anarchic demonstration at the location of the PT GNI nickel processing industry in Bunta Village, Petasia Timur District. He admitted that he deeply regretted the action which was allegedly triggered by provocateurs from outside who brought other agendas.

The Regent of Morut explained that this riot was triggered by provocateurs from outside the interests of employee welfare and the sustainability of the nickel industry by bringing their own agendas.

His party also denied the existence of issues spread by the provocateurs that the riots which resulted in vandalism, arson and looting were triggered by mistreatment by unscrupulous foreign workers against TKI.

Delis Julkasson Hehi appealed to all parties to be able to rectify all information containing fake news on social media and those that have spread to the public. According to him, it was the Foreign Workers (TKA) who were attacked first and then clashes occurred. When the clashes occurred, several individuals took advantage of the opportunity to vandalize and loot the female workers’ dormitories.

Delis Julkasson He also asked the Petasia Timur Sub-District Head and the Village Heads to gather all of their residents and be able to provide direction so that they are not easily provoked by provocations carried out and spread by elements who really want to destroy the unity and harmony that has existed in society so far.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police , Kombes Pol Didik Supranoto, in his press statement on 17 January 2023 stated that PT GNI’s current situation was conducive. Mining activities at PT GNI have also started to return to normal and hundreds of employees have started arriving. He also appealed to the public not to be easily provoked.

All parties hope that the riot that occurred at PT GNI, North Morowali will not be repeated. Therefore, it is hoped that all people in the country can increase their awareness of themselves, especially from all issues and provocations whose truth is unclear and widely circulated on social media, including issues of SARA (ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup). . Because this really threatens the unity and unity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to Cikini Press Circle and Media

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