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Community Supports Security Forces to Crush KST Papua


By: Roy Andarek*)

The Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) continues to terrorize and injure the community, including members of the TNI/Polri. This time the action was carried out when the Indonesian people were commemorating Heroes’ Day, November 10 2023. The community also condemned the cruelty of the Papuan KST which did not respect humanity.

The various terrors and brutal actions of KST Papua have created fear among the Papuan people. The actions of this separatist group are no different from terrorists, disrupting regional security and stability, which has a big impact on the welfare of the Papuan people.

The terror act carried out by KST Papua occurred in the afternoon before evening local time. They did not hesitate to burn down the SMPN 1 Home building and honai belonging to residents in Kunga Village, Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Central Papua. 

Apart from burning the school building and residents’ honai, KST also attacked the Puncak Preparatory Military District Command office. However, security forces have now increased security to anticipate further disturbances.

Around 200 residents in the area finally asked for protection by fleeing to a location where there were security forces. They left their respective villages and then headed to a location where there were posts belonging to the TNI-Polri security forces, accompanied by tribal chiefs and village heads. The hundreds of residents are mostly from the villages of Jenggernok, Wako, Ninggabuma, Agiyome, Upaga, Gome, Jonggong Golawi, Kilanungin, Misimaga and Tigibalok.

Chief of Staff of the Joint Defense Area Command (Kogabwilhan) II, Marshal TNI Deni Hasoloan Simanjuntak, admitted that around 200 residents from 10 villages in Gome District, Puncak Regency, Central Papua, had secured themselves at Yonif 300/Bjw Post because they were afraid of KST returning act in their territory.

Therefore, the Pamtas Mobile Raider 300/Bjw Task Force took steps by placing them at the Bethel Jenggernok Church, which is in front of the Post and the Honai Honai around the Gome Post, so that their whereabouts were monitored. The soldiers also helped provide food for them.

Now, hundreds of residents have returned to their respective villages after receiving security guarantees from the TNI-Polri officers in the area. Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Police Commissioner Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, said that not only did they guarantee security, the security forces also distributed food to the community so they could use it when they arrived at their homes.

Until now, the security situation in Puncak Regency has gradually become conducive with tight security from security forces in almost all areas. This is said to be a priority for good synergy and quick action from the TNI-Polri.

Candidate for TNI Commander, General Agus Subiyanto, revealed that his party would use new methods in handling the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KST).

This method is by combining combat methods and approaches to the Papuan people. To overcome vertical conflicts such as the problem in Papua. A smart power approach which is a combination of hard power, soft power and military diplomacy is absolutely necessary.

His party does not hesitate to go on combat alert for the law enforcement process in Papua. Hard power is through combat readiness to face combatants in law enforcement, while the soft power method is to support the acceleration of development and prosperity in Papua by collaborating with a number of parties.

This soft power approach is carried out jointly in synergy between the TNI and all ministries/agencies as well as related stakeholders.

Agus will also take military diplomacy steps that need to be taken by the TNI in handling the Papua conflict. According to him, this step aims to build interpersonal relationships between soldiers and equalize views regarding solving the Papuan problem.

Apart from that, regarding the 2024 election period, the Head of the Binda Papua Subdivision of Opinion, Herri Sunandar, revealed that the threat from KST Papua is expected to take advantage of various momentum and issues to disrupt the implementation of the 2024 Election, and this is a serious concern. Meanwhile, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri emphasized that the National Police and TNI are ready to support the smooth running of the elections, especially against interference by armed criminal groups.

Just condemning the atrocities of this separatist group is not enough. If you have to compare it with the number of parties who became victims and the losses received. Gangs like this need to be eradicated.

KST and various separatist groups should be completely crushed, they have disturbed native residents and immigrants. Because they have no fear, even when death approaches.

Because it continues to spread various kinds of terror acts that are very heinous and completely inhumane, of course KST Papua must be completely crushed by the security forces in order to uphold the law and also to be able to guarantee a conducive situation so that it can restore peace and order in Earth of Cenderawasih.

The existence of KST is like a parasite that destroys the sense of unity that has been formed. They endlessly campaigned for independence, but it turned out they were only manipulated by the interests of a few people. Therefore, the community supports efforts to eradicate the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). By enforcing the law against these gangs, Papua’s stability and security can be maintained in daily life and ahead of the implementation of the Indonesian people’s democratic celebration.

*) The author is a Papuan student living in Surabaya

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