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Gifli Buiney: KST Papua’s violent actions are highly disgraceful and have drawn a lot of criticism


Papua – Conflict involving the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KSTP) is still ongoing. This act of violence drew a lot of criticism because it resulted in casualties and also hampered development in the Papua region.

Even KST Papua did not hesitate to attack security forces and civilians, causing unrest among the Papuan people.

This was conveyed by the General Chairperson of Saireri Youth/Papua Youth Leader, Gifli Buiney when interviewed by Matoa TV in Papua, Monday 18/12/2023.

“Violence committed by Armed Criminal Groups is a disgraceful act, an act that must be condemned by every citizen.” Gifli said.

Gifli assessed that the violence carried out by KST Papua against security forces and civil society was a disgraceful act. Because this action is a very detrimental action for the community and for the Papua region itself.

“We all know that the actions carried out by Armed Criminal Groups against citizens or civilians as well as against security forces are actions carried out that result in human rights violations.” Gifli said

Gifli said that the series of violent acts carried out by KST Papua so far had indirectly added to the list of serious human rights violations in Papua. So this is very contrary to Indonesia which highly upholds human rights.

“We as Indonesian citizens who uphold human rights condemn the actions carried out by the Armed Criminal Group. We ask the state to take firm action against the perpetrators of these Armed Criminal Groups, many of whom have committed disgraceful acts, acts which can result in casualties or later result in loss of life, whether the victim is injured or even the loss of a person’s life.” Gifli said

Gifli also asked the security forces to take firm action against KST Papua which was increasingly disturbing.

“Papua is a land of peace so the presence of the state to provide a sense of comfort, to provide a sense of security is by taking firm action against the perpetrators of Armed Criminal Groups who are still undermining the Land of Papua.” Gifli continued

Gifli also invited all Papuan people to maintain conduciveness in welcoming Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024. So that Christmas and New Year can run safely and peacefully.

“I want to appeal to all Papuan people that the momentum of celebrating Christmas and welcoming the new year 2024, is a sacred moment for Christians everywhere. Therefore, during the Christmas celebration, we need to work together to create a situation of security and peace in society.” Gifli said

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