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KST Spreads Terror, Leaves Papuans Deep Grief


By : Aprilia Nova Salabay )*

The government continues to strive to restore conduciveness throughout the Papua region, especially since these efforts have proven to be very successful because in Puncak Jaya it has been proven that in the last seven years there have been absolutely no incidents. However, the shooting incident carried out by KST Papua which resulted in the deaths of two civilians was clearly shocking and left deep sorrow for all residents.

The people in Puncak Jaya Regency, Papua Mountain Province are very upset about the news of the deaths of Germanto Simanjuntak and also Tendier Telenggen. It is known that they were both killed in a very cruel and barbaric way by the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST).

The two civilians became victims of cruelty and ruthlessness from a gang of separatist members at Bumi Cenderawasih in Puncak Jaya. Whereas on the other hand, in fact the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) itself has collaborated with many parties including the local Regional Government (Pemda), including traditional leaders and local community leaders, all of whom have fought tirelessly and have also worked hard to continue to build the situation so that it always conducive in the area, but still KST Papua carried out many of their cruel actions.

Regarding this incident, according to the Daily Executive (Plh) Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Puncak Jaya Regency, Esau Karoba, that the incident involving the murder of the two civilians occurred in Wuyuneri Village and also in Pruleme Village. It is clear that this tragedy was quite surprising because so far the situation there has been monitored to be very conducive thanks to all the hard work of the security forces as well.

Moreover, even the Government itself has also been very strict in limiting people’s activity hours at night. Everything aims to protect the community itself and also minimize the possibility of attacks from KST Papua.

After the murder and shooting incident which resulted in the deaths of Hermanto Simanjuntak and Tendier Telenggen, now the situation in Puncak Jaya Regency has actually returned to being conducive again thanks to responsive steps from all levels of the security forces on duty.

Currently, security in the area has gradually recovered. And the entire community can also carry out all their activities as usual. Now there are no longer various kinds of anarchist actions that really disturb the concentration of the government and local residents.

So far, the government has actually made various approaches to the community and also continues to make appeals so that all components can always maintain conditions so that they remain conducive. The public continues to be reminded that they should not be easily provoked by the proliferation of fake news or hoax information conveyed by KST Papua which often develops in their respective regions.

Regarding the fate of the two civilian victims who were shot dead due to the actions of a terrorist group, the Puncak Jaya Government itself has also provided financial assistance and costs for repatriating the bodies to their respective villages.

In fact, for the last seven years, Puncak Jaya Regency has never been hit by an anarchic incident like what happened recently. This also shows how effective the efforts made by the government and the security apparatus are to protect public security.

This very conducive atmosphere has even been created since the beginning of the leadership of Regent Yuni Wonda and Deputy Regent Deinas Geley for the last seven years. During that period of time, there have never been any more cases of shooting or disturbances of any kind which caused civilians in Puncak Jaya to become victims.

Even though, for example, there were several social problems, the government immediately took peaceful steps by implementing positive law and also following Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 5 of 2022 concerning the Resolution of Social Conflicts or Customary Sanctions, so that conditions were again created in a conducive manner.

The government was also ready to issue a circular regarding community activities following the shooting case carried out by KST Papua which resulted in the deaths of civilians. So it is very clear that the government is really trying to be able to prevent various kinds of possible bad things from happening to the community at all.

There is an emerging and strengthening suspicion that the perpetrators of the shooting of Germanto and Telenggen were members of the Papuan KST, whereas it is also strongly suspected that the perpetrators of the shooting were not local residents. This is because the residents of Puncak Jaya themselves are people who really love peace.

Therefore, with the news that there were two civilians who had died because they were shot by KST Papua in Puncak Jaya, it immediately became news that left all residents with deep sorrow, including something that was quite surprising because so far the Government has been very effective in creating a conducive situation there through various efforts.

)* Papuan Students Live in Kalimantan

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