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Law Enforcement Against KST to Achieve Peace in Papua 


By : Maria Suhiap )*

The Papuan Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) continues to act to disrupt and destroy the unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation until the group achieves its will to separate Papua from Indonesia. This action disturbs the comfort, security and peace of the community, where KST often uses its energy to tear harmonization in Papua. 

The Indonesian people do not want to be defeated by KST Papua which only uses violence to solve its problems. With this, the Government continues to defend Papua with all its efforts, one of which is law enforcement which continues to be emphasized and encouraged by the ranks of security forces from joint TNI personnel, which is one of the steps to eradicate Papuan KST.

Previously, on Thursday, October 19 2023, KST Papua members carried out a heinous action in Arumaga Village, Omukia District, Puncak Papua Mountains Regency, which was allegedly led by Titus Murib by stabbing and killing 22 workers at the Omukia Community Health Center Development project. This caused 1 person to die, three other workers were injured and 21 residents were successfully evacuated. The group’s action moved with good intentions to carry out development in Arumaga Village.

Security forces synergized to strengthen security, Dasatgas Pamtas Mobile Yonif 300 Lt. Col. Inf Afri Swandi Ritonga, S.IP swiftly immediately ordered 5 combat teams in his ranks to pursue the disturbing KST group. It was recorded that the security forces carried out a chase for approximately 6 hours and there was also a firefight between the Temput Team and KST Papua.

The Pamtas Mobile Task Force Yonif Raider 300/Bjw after a report from the Orange Green Post Personnel of the Ilaga Kopasgat Airport Task Force saw 6 people from the KST group carrying 1 long-barreled weapon and 2 short-barreled pistols in Honai, it was suspected that they were the perpetrators of the attack on the workers. Omukia Community Health Center construction project, Omukia District, Puncak Regency.

Not only that, the results of the investigation by Kaskogabwilhan III, Marsma Deni Hasoloan Simanjuntak, stated that the Mobile Yonif 300 Pamtas Task Force succeeded in shooting one KKB member. With a targeted shot that hit the back, the KKB member died, his body was taken away by 2 KKB people who entered the forest and evidence was obtained in the form of a drone, HT and a number of other pieces of evidence.

Dansatgas Pamtas Mobile Infantry Battalion 300, Lt. Col. Inf Afri Swandi Ritonga said that all kinds of efforts to make the Papuan KST Group return to the fold of the Republic of Indonesia had been made, but this had only become an old song for the Papuan KSTs in the Sinak District area for Papuan KSTs. Currently, the condition of the district. The peak was observed to be conducive again.

To stop all the atrocities carried out by the gang of parties who committed treason against the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), the security forces from joint personnel consisting of members of the TNI and Polri continue to strive to provide a sense of security and comfort to all Papuan people.

With the heinous actions that continue to be carried out by Papuan KST members which continue to cause the bloodshed of the Papuan people, law enforcement is one of the efforts that must be enforced and emphasized as young people in Papua who are members of the Red and White Front (BMP) fully support the efforts of the security forces. joint TNI and Polri personnel to be able to carry out law enforcement in a very firm and measurable manner against KST Papua which often injures the Papuan people.

Law enforcement must be carried out so that KST Papua and its sympathizers no longer carry out acts of violence and arson in several areas of Papua. This is done with the aim of providing a sense of security to the community as well as ensuring that economic, educational and other activities run normally.

The Papuan people hope and believe that KST Papua will stop brutal actions against the Papuan people, at the same time the community supports the security forces’ firm steps in dealing with KST Papua.

Seeing all the efforts made by security forces to protect the people of Papua, Papuan Student Activist in Yogyakarta, Manuel Bonay, condemned the brutal actions often carried out by KST. He appreciated the steps taken by the government and security forces in cracking down on the separatist group. According to him, so far KST has been the cause of chaos in Papua. He appreciated the actions of the joint TNI and Polri team which continues to try to narrow the space for the KKB in vulnerable areas of Papua. One of the successful actions was the joint team patrol effort at various points in Papua.

The entire community fully supports law enforcement efforts carried out in a very firm and measurable manner against KST Papua by the security apparatus from joint personnel. This is indeed very important because it will have an impact on the normal functioning of many sectors in Papua. So that law enforcement efforts deserve to continue to receive full support from all parties.

)* Papuan students live in Bali

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