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Luke Enembe Public Officials Must Obey the Law


By: Alfred Jigibalom)*

The corruption case involving Lukas Enembe has attracted public attention because he has always been absent from the summons of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). As a public official, he should know himself and obey the ongoing legal process. 

Indonesia is a state of law and everyone must obey the law, including its officials. The law is not only sharp downwards but also upwards. In a sense, even if there is a high-ranking official who is exposed to a case, then he is obliged to undergo legal processes and obey the orders of the authorities. Including Lukas Enembe, the Governor of Papua who was hit by a corruption case and gratification worth trillions of rupiah.

The name Lukas Enembe became a byword, unfortunately not because of his achievements, but because of his case. After being named a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), he was always absent when summoned. The community was furious because Luke did not want to admit his actions and did not want to obey the law.

An expert in Criminal Law from Al Azhar University, Professor Suparji Ahmad, stated that as a citizen and administrator of the state, Lukas Enembe must obey the law. He should have acted cooperatively and complied with the KPK’s summons. In a sense, Luke is an official and should obey the law, because he understands what the law is like in Indonesia.

Don’t make an official claim that he won’t obey the legal process and ignore the KPK’s summons. The law in Indonesia has been applied firmly, not sharply downwards but bluntly upwards, aka only applies to small people. Even an official, if guilty, is obliged to take responsibility for his actions and obey the ongoing legal process.

As governor, he should set a good example for the Papuan people, to always obey the law in Indonesia. But instead he gave a negative example so that it is very unfortunate. The Papuan people are disappointed because it turns out that Luke’s true nature is like that and seems to be running away from responsibility.

Meanwhile, Papuan Indigenous Leader Barnabas Nukuboy, stated that he supports the KPK to process Lukas Enembe, so that it is legally clear. He also believes that the KPK has strong evidence that Lukas is corrupt. In a sense, native Papuans are also angry because Luke did not act in a  gentlemanly manner  instead refusing to go to Jakarta to fulfill the KPK’s call.

If Lukas does not want to come to the KPK building, it will cause great suspicion. Of course he was guilty of corruption and was afraid and reasoned he was sick, so he was absent twice when he was summoned. If he is indeed innocent, why is he absent from the KPK’s summons? The reason is that if he has never been corrupt, he will not be afraid and will come with his head held high.

Lukas Enembe’s lawyer, Stefanus Roy Rening, always argued that he was having a stroke making it difficult to walk and talk. Even though Lukas had received a call from one of the KPK officials. Sickness is just a fabricated excuse for Luke to avoid being summoned by the KPK.

As a person who understands the law, Luke’s lawyer should not have defended outrageously, but directed him to be more law-abiding. If Lukas had come to the KPK, he would be able to provide this and that information. Instead of asking that Lukas be allowed to go abroad for treatment, the government has banned him so he can’t just run away.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has been investigating Luke’s case and collecting evidence and witnesses, since 2017. He couldn’t deny it, moreover, videos taken from CCTV cameras circulated, when he gambled while ‘laundering money’ from corruption in a casino abroad.

Meanwhile, Member of the Papuan People’s Assembly, Herman Yoku, stated that Lukas Enembe must obey the law and manly fulfill the KPK’s call. If he is indeed innocent, then he must clarify all the accusations against him.

However, Lukas is calm in Papua and does not want to fly to Jakarta. This made the people of Cendrawasih Earth furious, because as a high-ranking official he should obey the law and set a good example. Lukas has tarnished the good name of Papua and the people feel very ashamed to have a governor like that.

If Lukas has been absent twice from the KPK’s summons, according to the rules, there will be a forced pick-up. There will be an acknowledgment by the KPK (of course accompanied by the authorities) and he must be willing if he is invited to the KPK Building.

But in fact there is a new scenario from Luke Enembe. After paying the protesters 300,000 rupiah to defend themselves, he ordered many people to block the access road to his house with heaps of material and excavators. This was discovered when the Muara Tami District Police Chief Commissioner Junan Plitomo conducted a raid around the neighborhood.

The closure of the road access is very unfortunate for the Papuan people, because once again Lukas looks afraid of being seized by the KPK. If he wasn’t corrupt, then he wouldn’t be doing weird things like this.

Lukas Enembe should have been orderly and fulfilled the KPK’s summons, as well as being responsible for his actions. Instead of hiding in his house and arguing that he was having a stroke. As a public official, he should understand the law and obey the law.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali 

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