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The community fully supports the handling of KST Papua by security forces


By: Loa Murib

Papua, a land rich in cultural diversity, nature and abundant natural resources. However, in recent times, this region has been colored by the presence of the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST), which threatens security and stability there. In an effort to overcome this threat, the Security Forces took concrete steps, and behind it all, received strong support from the community.

Papuan people, like people in other places, want a peaceful and serene life. The existence of KST has created insecurity in society, threatening daily life and the welfare of citizens. By supporting the security forces’ measures, the community contributes to joint efforts to create a safe and peaceful environment for current and future generations. Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Pol. Mathius Fakhiri revealed that until now, the TNI/Polri are still continuing to restore the security situation in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Central Papua from KST interference. 

On Sunday, January 28 2024, Indonesian National Army (TNI) troops from Infantry Battalion 133/Yudha Sakti successfully carried out an ambush and occupied the KSTP headquarters in Maybrat, Southwest Papua. This activity marks a serious effort by the security forces to overcome security threats in the Papua region. 

TNI troops from Infantry Battalion 133/Yudha Sakti succeeded in controlling the headquarters of the KST Group led by Manfred Fatem in Sagu Hamlet, Aifat Far East, Maybrat Regency – Southwest Papua. This operation was the result of an ambush attempt carried out using patrol and ambush tactics for several days. This success shows the readiness and courage of the security forces in dealing with threats that threaten the country’s sovereignty.

Dansatgas Yonif 133/Yudha Sakti Lt. Col. Inf Andhika Ganessakti, in a statement received through the Information Team for the Yonif 133/YS Task Force in Sorong, explained that troops consisting of two Mobile Sakti teams led by Sertu Dega Jandri Folanda and Serda Dimas Nuhali Pardosi succeeded in controlling and occupying the group’s headquarters. KST led by Manfred Fatem after several days of carrying out patrols and ambushes (ambushes).

This ambush operation was carried out after one week of intensive searching since January 21 2024. Although the KST group managed to escape the ambush, the security forces managed to control and destroy their headquarters. This action shows the perseverance and toughness of the security forces in maintaining security and order in the area.

During this operation, Yudha Sakti troops succeeded in confiscating a number of pieces of evidence, including a Morning Star flag, ammunition, telescopes, solar cells, flashlights, KIS cards, cellphone chargers, camera lenses, bows, arrows, foodstuffs and medicines. Apart from that, two members of the public who were active as sympathizers of the KST group were also arrested, proving the involvement of several elements of society in supporting the group.

The success of this operation shows that security forces have the courage and skills to handle complex security situations. The community as the main pillar of state life is expected to support the security forces’ steps so that security and peace can be well maintained. This success should trigger greater support from the public to support similar actions in the future.

Through the success of this operation, the security forces have demonstrated their dedication in maintaining the country’s security and sovereignty. Full support from the community is key to ensuring these steps can continue to be implemented effectively. All elements of society are expected to unite in supporting the security forces so that Papua remains safe and peaceful.

The KST crackdown is not only a local Papuan problem, but also concerns the sovereignty of the country as a whole. By supporting the security forces, the community participates in maintaining Indonesia’s integrity and sovereignty. Community solidarity is a strong foundation in defending overseas regions from threats from groups who want to create instability.

As is known, KST continues to carry out brutal actions, including burning down the Community Health Center. Puncak Police Chief, Central Papua, Police Commissioner I Nyoman Punia said that his party received a report that the Community Health Center in Omukia District, Puncak Regency, had been the target of arson by KST led by Jacky Murib. According to him, this action occurred when TNI-Polri personnel were carrying out a joint patrol on Saturday, February 3 2024, at around 12.11 WIT.

Papuan community leader Yonas Alfons Nusy supports the joint TNI-Polri apparatus in taking firm action against KST’s criminal actions. Yonas emphasized that KST is not a struggle, but a criminal act that violates Human Rights (HAM). According to him, threats, terror, hostage-taking and acts of violence create fear in society. Yonas said that KST not only committed crimes, but also spread lies. Therefore, Yonas invites the Papuan people not to be influenced and provoked by the actions carried out by this criminal group

The Papuan people have great potential to become agents of change in efforts to eradicate KST. By uniting and supporting the security forces, they not only protect themselves, but also help maintain the country’s security and sovereignty. The solidarity and active participation of the Papuan people is a strong pillar in the struggle against the threat of KST, bringing hope for a safer and more prosperous future on Earth of Cendrawasih.

The author is a Papuan student in Surabaya

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