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All parties have a role to play in realizing peaceful elections


By : Samuel Christian Galal )*

The common interest in achieving peaceful elections is a call for every element of Indonesian society. Realizing that every individual and institution has a crucial role in this democratic process is the main basis for maintaining peace ahead of and during the election process. In this context, collective awareness is an important milestone in maintaining the integrity of the general election process.

Support from various parties, from local governments such as the police, community organizations and political parties, confirms that cross-sector collaboration is the main key in creating a conducive atmosphere.

Concrete steps taken by every element of society are important investments for the implementation of elections that take place safely and with integrity.

When all parties play their respective roles, whether in facilitating socialization, maintaining neutrality, monitoring security, or educating the public, they have actually become an inseparable part of the foundation of a strong democracy.

The involvement of each individual, from large roles to simple actions, is a real contribution in strengthening a harmonious election process.

One such example is a statement of commitment from the Palangka Raya City Government (Pemko), represented by Acting Mayor Hera Nugrahayu, indicating how important cross-sector collaboration is in ensuring the smooth running of the democratic process.

Hera Nugrahayu, in his statement on Monday (8/1/2024), emphasized the full support of the Palangka Raya City Government for the implementation of the 2024 Election. This support is not only limited to hopes for a smooth, safe and democratic election, but also concrete steps that will be taken to ensure this happens.

In the midst of enthusiasm to support the election, the Palangka Raya City Government ensures active involvement in various stages of the election. Starting from facilitating outreach, supporting infrastructure to logistics transportation if necessary, and enforcing the neutrality of the State Civil Service (ASN) is the main focus.

This effort is not only limited to government agencies, but also involves various forums for religious harmony, nationality, vigilance, and collaboration with other related parties.

However, the responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of elections does not only lie with the government. The police, in this case the Dirbinmas Polda Metro Jaya, represented by Commissioner Badya Wijaya, are also actively inviting the public to play a role in maintaining peace ahead of the 2024 elections.

His visit to the Satkamling Post in North Jakarta was not just a routine visit, but also as a means to provide an important message to the community.

Badya Wijaya underlined the importance of supervising the younger generation to prevent them from getting involved in various negative acts such as brawls, drugs or street crime.

Apart from that, the appeal to maintain security from the spread of false information or hoaxes that have the potential to divide is also the focus of messages from the police.

Active participation from all parties, starting from the government, police, political parties, mass media and society at large, is the main key in maintaining security and the smooth running of the democratic process. Solid collaboration between them is a vital foundation in creating a conducive atmosphere and avoiding disturbances that could threaten the integrity of the election process.

Although concrete efforts have been taken by the government and police, Hera also invites the public to participate in exercising their right to vote with full joy and responsibility. However, despite this enthusiasm, Hera emphasized the importance of reporting potential security disturbances to the authorities.

From the messages conveyed by Hera and Badya Wijaya, as well as the collaboration of all parties involved, it is important for each individual to understand their active role in maintaining peace ahead of the 2024 elections. All levels of society have a responsibility to create a conducive and peaceful atmosphere, as well as maintaining integrity of the democratic process.

The 2024 election is an important milestone for the journey of democracy in Indonesia. Solid support from various parties shows real commitment to ensuring smooth and democratic elections. However, this success will not be achieved without active participation from the community.

The key to the success of a democratic process lies in collective awareness to maintain peace, minimize conflict, and support the integrity of each stage. Now, with the direction towards the 2024 Election, is the moment for all of us to play an active role in maintaining peace and the continuity of the democratic process.

Through collaborative awareness, where the government, police, related institutions and society unite, we can create a conducive environment for the election process. Each individual has an important role in maintaining balance and harmony, avoiding conflict, and disseminating correct and responsible information.

Using voting rights with full awareness and responsibility is one of our greatest forms of support for democracy. However, this awareness must also be accompanied by vigilance against efforts that have the potential to disrupt security and damage the democratic process. Report any potential interference to the authorities to maintain the integrity of the 2024 Election.

We are all part of this important process. Together, let’s strengthen our commitment to maintain peace, maintain the continuity of the democratic process, and realize a quality and peaceful 2024 election.

)* The author is a contributor to the Gala Indomedia Institute

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