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Inviting the Community to Create Peaceful and Conducive Elections


By: Edo Wahyu Setiadi )*

The General Election (Pemilu) is a very important moment in the democratic system in Indonesia, where the people have the opportunity to determine leaders and elect their representatives who will represent their interests and fight for the aspirations of the people. However, behind the serious political interests and election process, the election can also be seen as a democratic party that is celebrated cheerfully. Even though the political temperature leading up to the 2024 General Election is currently starting to heat up, it needs to be cooled again to create a safe and conducive election atmosphere. Because, the General Election is not an arena for an all-out battle between Legislative Candidates ( C aleg) and the Presidential Election (Pilpres) is also not an arena for an all-out battle between pairs of Presidential Candidates ( C apres) and Vice Presidential Candidates ( C awapres).

Elections are actually a democratic party , a party for the Indonesian people every five years. Because this is a people’s party, it is hoped that the 2024 elections can take place in a cheerful atmosphere without any disputes between the community or between candidate supporters. Apart from that, inviting the public to participate in the elections with joy is a good way to increase political participation and awareness, thereby minimizing the occurrence of abstentions.

Elections are moments where the people have the power to choose their leaders directly, freely, honestly and fairly. By celebrating the elections cheerfully, we convey a message to the world that Indonesia is a country committed to democratic principles. Then celebrating the election as a democratic party with joy turns out to have many positive benefits. This is not just a celebration, but also a form of expression of our pride as a democratic country. Through this celebration, we can increase community participation, build political awareness, strengthen unity, and provide valuable learning for the younger generation.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that elections must be carried out cheerfully, because this can make the elections more dignified and with integrity. Apart from that, President Jokowi also hopes that the elections can run peacefully and smoothly, there will be no hate speech or false news that can provoke the public.

President Jokowi also reminded that all people are fellow countrymen and brothers. The President also emphasized that society should unite again and no longer fight after the election contestation is over. Apart from that, President Jokowi hopes that the 2024 elections will run successfully and produce strong leadership in both the executive and legislative branches. This is to continue the struggles and achievements that have been fought for together.

Carrying out cheerful and joyful elections can also increase public participation, because the atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm generated by the elections can encourage people to come to the voting stations and exercise their right to vote. When elections are celebrated with enthusiasm, people feel more involved in the political process and are more motivated to contribute to building the future of the nation and state.

Apart from that, celebrating the elections cheerfully can also increase people’s political awareness. Because through cheerful and happy elections, people can increase their understanding of the importance of political participation and their rights as citizens. Political discussions held ahead of the election celebrations can also be carried out in a fresh, relaxed and happy manner. Thus helping the public to understand the platforms and promises of potential leaders, as well as sharpening their understanding of relevant political issues.

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that his party invited all elements of society to take part in overseeing the 2024 elections so that they are safe and peaceful even though they have different political choices. Apart from that, according to Sigit, election contestation is a democratic party that should be welcomed with joy and excitement. So that the community can carry out the 2024 elections in a conducive manner and still maintain mutual harmony.

Celebrating the 2024 Election in a cheerful and happy manner also provides a valuable opportunity for the younger generation to learn about the democratic process. Such as through debate activities, election simulations, or election campaigns which are packaged in an attractive form. So that the younger generation can understand the importance of elections, the importance of political participation, and how democracy works. This is an important step in forming a generation that thinks critically, is politically active, and has a good understanding of democratic values.

Furthermore, holding the 2024 General Election with joy can be a momentum to strengthen relations between communities, increase tolerance, and build awareness that despite differences, everyone is under the same umbrella, namely the Indonesian umbrella. Furthermore, elections that are celebrated cheerfully can also be an opportunity to build solidarity and unity among society.

For this reason, it is time for us to view the election as a fun democratic celebration and carry it out cheerfully and cheerfully, as well as celebrate the election with a positive spirit, so that we can strengthen the foundations of democracy and ensure a better future for the Indonesian people.

)* The author is an observer of domestic politics

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