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Mutual Cooperation to Prevent Radicalism During the 2024 Election


By: SA Pamungkas )*

The 2024 election series begins to appear as registration for presidential and vice presidential candidates begins. All members of the public are encouraged to participate in maintaining a conducive situation and continue to work together to prevent radicalism that has the potential to emerge at the democratic party.

Radical ideology is still a threat to the integrity of the nation and state. The existence of this ideology has proven capable of disintegrating community unity and bringing about prolonged horizontal conflict. The public can reflect on ISIS which has ravaged several countries such as Iraq and Syria. Therefore, it is possible that this group will spread its influence in Indonesia, which will soon hold the 2024 elections.

The public is asked to be more alert to radical terrorist groups because they are very careful and adaptive to blend in among ordinary people. If there is something suspicious, you can report it to security forces. Later it will be investigated whether this person plans to thwart the 2024 elections or not.

Chairman of the Communication Forum for Prevention of Terrorism (FKPT) for the Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Sri Wahyuni, stated that his party continues to be wary of radicalism propaganda, because it could disrupt the implementation of the 2024 elections in Serumpun Sebalai Country. Sri also said that the public should not be careless and remain alert to groups carrying out radicalism and terrorism propaganda to disrupt next year’s elections.

Sri added that in facing the political year leading up to the 2024 elections, there are groups that will carry out propaganda actions both online and offline , in the form of calls for disapproval of the government, calls not to take part in the elections and spreading hoax news containing SARA. According to him, if this group does not do things that are considered to disturb public order, then of course it can still be tolerated, but if it causes unrest then it must be dealt with firmly by legal and state officials.

Sri emphasized that the potential for radicalism in the Babylon Islands ahead of the elections must remain vigilant, even though conditions in Babylon are generally conducive, the government must not be complacent, because anyone can be exposed, especially in the name of religion. So far there have been no overt cases of intolerant radicalism, but this group has been detected in groups in certain places and has not become a special concern for the public.

Sri hopes that the people of Bangka Belitung, who are synonymous with tolerance in everyday life, will always be alert and intelligent in responding to problems, be more concerned and detect things early if there are things that are considered to be disturbing. Babel residents continue to synergize with officers from the RT, Babinsa and Bhabinkamtibmas levels to be wary of these radical groups. “Don’t let the public be provoked and exposed to these radicalism ideas,” he said.

The National Agency for the Prevention of Terrorism (BNPT) asked people who are members of parties not to think that their parties are the most correct or fanatical. BNPT Director of Prevention, Prof. Irfan Idris, said that this vigilance needs to be strengthened because the entry of radicalism and terrorist networks through parties could possibly occur.

Despite this, BNPT admits that it does not take care of all matters relating to the party. However, he invited people to flood the world with narratives of local wisdom that unite them, so that they are not easily provoked. Plus, digital media, which easily distributes information, has huge opportunities to look forward to. On the other hand, Idris said there were several parties who always created narratives of division. Including creating a beautiful narrative but it turns out to be devastating.

There are currently unity-breaking challenges not only in real life but also in cyberspace. Looking at data from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) in 2020, it was found that there were more than twenty thousand pieces of content that were indicated as containing narratives of radicalism and terrorism.

Apart from that, the Chairman of BEM Nusantara DIY, Muhammad Nur Fadillah, said that recently there has been a lot of talk about radicalism, terrorism and intolerance movements as well as many other acts of crime occurring more and more massively in all areas of this country, especially in the DIY region itself. Students are committed to being at the forefront of fighting various ideologies that threaten the state ideology from various forms of radicalism and other prohibited ideologies.

BEM Nusantara DIY also emphasized that they will continue to synergize with the DIY Regional Police (Polda) in their efforts to mutually maintain conduciveness to Kamtibmas. This is also done to maintain the unity and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.

In order to maintain the condition of security and social order and also the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia, this is not only the duty and responsibility of the state apparatus, but is also the duty of all components of society, including youth and students. Therefore, all parties are required to always be alert and intelligent in responding to problems, be more attentive and detect early if there are things that are considered to be able to disrupt the course of the 2024 election process.

)* The author is from the editorial team of Saptalika Jr. Media

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